Sony, What Happened To Wipeout?

Will we ever see more of Sony’s futuristic racing franchise?

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PSNghost88765d ago

Better question. What happened to Ridge Racer? LOL

darthv72765d ago

That's better suited to ask Namco, not Sony.

Forn765d ago

Better question, what happened with Motorstorm?!

darthv72765d ago

I would absolutely LOVE a motorstorm collection. All 5 games in one package.
Motorstorm Pacific Rift (my favorite)
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Motorstorm Arctic Edge
Motorstorm RC

himdeel765d ago

Sony Liverpool was shut down, that's what happened. Ask harder questions.

DillyDilly765d ago

Better question what happened with Twisted Metal ?

KickSpinFilter764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Ya that would be awesome but highly unlikely, it’s a little messed up while Driveclub started out lousy all the server and updates ended up making one fabulous racer. Developer was able to turn around Days Gone into a pretty good game not sure why Driveclub did not get that chance also

neutralgamer1992764d ago

sony has way too many IP's that's what happened

King_Noctis764d ago

Even better question, what happen to Twisted Metal?

So many great exclusives that I hope Sony bring back for the PS5.

jivah764d ago

Why get a motorstorm collection that will look like ass when we can get a new installment properly developed that will have brand new maps, vehicles and mechanics as well as legacy ones.

VTKC764d ago

wow imagine if they did a motorstorm with VR compatible like wipeout! Would be insane! With all the dirt and mud flying in all directions and looking to the side or any direction to see the other competitiors while racing around the track and the sense of speed when you decide to hit the nitros! They got to do this!

Sevir764d ago

Evolution shut down after Driveclub didn't make money.

The Wood764d ago

Who owns the ips for motor storm and twisted metal? Can't they be reborn

Forn764d ago

I should have stated that I already know Evolution was shut down. Despite that, Sony could give the IP to another studio if they wanted. I realize that Apocalypse didn't sell very well, but that was due to circumstances beyond Evolution's control. I feel like Evo should have at least started this gen off with a Motorstorm series remaster before they went on to Driveclub to help get their feet wet with the new hardware. Might have helped them be better prepared in creating Driveclub.

dumahim764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

better question, why Motorstorm?


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S2Killinit765d ago

What happened to Wipeout is that the games only logical and natural evolution involves VR. Which Sony has already introduced to test out people’s reaction. If enough people are actually interested, then we will get the next Wipeout. Otherwise I think there are a lot of people out there who remember the franchise fondly, but wouldnt be will to fork out full price for it. Lets see if Wipeout VR will turn the franchise into its glory days when the fast paced racer was a unique offering.

Simple really. Nothing happened to it except time.

LoveSpuds765d ago

The first PSVR experience I had that made me feel dizzy and nauseous, I was pretty gutted about it because it looked amazing and very immersive.

quent764d ago

Not everyone cares about tedious VR, how's Psyognis doing these days btw ?

S2Killinit764d ago

Not everyone needs to care. Not everyone cared about games either. But here we are.

FinalFantasyFanatic764d ago

I would love a new Ridge Racer, but the series has fallen off the earth somehow.

fr0sty764d ago

Wipeout is in great shape, finally released in VR, the way it was meant to be played.

PressPlayBros764d ago


Matrix6764d ago

I'll do you one better, Why is Gamora?

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IRetrouk765d ago

They shut down the studio that makes the game.

DaDrunkenJester765d ago

How dare they. What happened to Motorstorm?

NiteX765d ago

They also shut down that studio and most of them went to Codemasters that made Onrush which sold horribly.

DaDrunkenJester765d ago

Aww man, what about the Twisted Metal and Warhawk devs? Are they still around?

KyRo765d ago

I miss Motorstorm too. I miss cinematic racers in general. Split Second, Motorstorm Apocalypse, even NFS the Run. Racing with earthquakes, avalanches, tsunamis, police, bombs etc was thrilling. No everything is a boring sim/semi sim. We ain't allowed fun with racers anymore

KickSpinFilter764d ago

What happened to Crackdown 3?

DaDrunkenJester764d ago


It got made and released? Lol what do you mean?

Sevir764d ago

Driveclub Developer Evolution shut down because Driveclub didn't make them money.

They were planning on supporting Driveclub while also working on a new Motorstorm. That got scrapped after DCVR update released and the chopping axe came down on the studio.

They went on to become a Codemasters's subsidiary called "Evo"and put out Onrush, which was a spiritual successor to Motorstorm. But it sold horribly and Codemasters shuttered Evo for good.

Bad management from the get go of The PS4 generation. Lead to a great team being liquidated. :(

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King Nezz765d ago

They lost me with that decision.

IRetrouk765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Have you got a point or is it just a wee trolling session mate?

DaDrunkenJester765d ago

Just a little bit of trolling, but in all honesty I do love these games and it is a shame they aren't around anymore.

IRetrouk765d ago

Personally didnt like wipeout, just couldn't get into it, I'm sure if there is a demand a new one will be made, who knows what they have planned.

DaDrunkenJester765d ago

I loved the collection that recently came out and then coupled that with some PSVR support made it even better.

IRetrouk765d ago

Glad you enjoyed it man, I hope they make another for the fans, nothing worse than really wanting a game that isn't coming.

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Exvalos765d ago

It got a complete remaster and vr support, soooooo what you talking bout Willis

Iceman100x765d ago

it ran its course that's what happened

WickedLester765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Exactly. Theres really nowhere else to go with it unless they just want to release track and vehicle packs for the remaster collection.