Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Games

KeenGamer: ''The GTA series has been around for over twenty years, spanning four console generations & fifteen games. These crime epics have provided uncountable hours of memories over the years, but some instalments stand out from the rest. Here are my top 5 GTA games to date.''

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1006d ago
MrSwankSinatra1006d ago

"A recent update also added a fully functioning casino that requires players to use real money, in order to buy fake money, then gamble it!" This is not true, again this is a bullshit narrative being pushed, which is furthest from the truth.

PoSTedUP1005d ago

Ill always like 3 the best. Still play it till this day.

CertifiedGamer1005d ago

Grand Theft Auto 3 is the game that made it into a console selling game so that's why its my number #1