Game Freak trademarks Little Town Hero

News about Town has been tough to come by since its original announcement last year, but we appear to have another small update. Pokemon developer Game Freak has now trademarked the name “Little Town Hero” in Japan, both in English and Japanese. That may very well be the project’s final title.

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killswitch8066d ago

awesome cant wait ..its like a now large studio cant make more than one game...people are ridiculous

-Foxtrot65d ago

The issue is they only have 140 workers and have been split between this, Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee and Sword & Shield

They are doing the first big Pokemon next gen console title and they split themselves between 3 project instead of making their first big Pokemon console game the best they can

King_Noctis65d ago

Gamefreak also have a subsidiary studio that most people don't know called "Koa Games". So I'd say they have enough staff to create two games at once.

Relientk7765d ago

Still waiting for this game. So glad to see them finally doing a new IP.

Lore65d ago

I’m still waiting for a next gen pokemon title to be shown