3 Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time

Exclusively Games writes:

''Film sequels are usually inferior to the first film in the franchise. The possible exceptions being Aliens, Terminator 2, and The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. A film sequel that is simply ‘More of the same but with better CGI’ will usually be panned by critics and filmgoers alike, and rightly so.''

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Jimboms641d ago

I never played FEAR 3, but the first two games were awesome! Can't deny that they definitely devolved over time though.

Summons75640d ago

Fear 3 was definitely a step-down but it was still a fun game. It also had the best name for a mode in the multiplayer 'F*cking Run*.

640d ago
Poopmist640d ago

I didn't even like FEAR 1 tbh. It was so repetitive. "Oh you killed another hallway of enemies. The little girl not from the Ring tho is gonna try to spook you again"

mogwaii640d ago

So why aren't the avengers movie being panned?
Man F.E.A.R was great back in the day.