7 Brilliant Games That are Too Long for a Second Playthrough

Not every great game is designed to be played more than once, and these 7 great games in particular are ones which are just too long to ever replay.

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Gamehard367d ago

I wouldn't exactly classify MGSV or Dragon Age Inquisition great or brilliant...

ClayRules2012367d ago

I personally wouldn’t call DA: Inquisition that good at all. I found it a grind, boring, and a waste of my time.

umair_s51367d ago

Mgsv has great gameplay, it's story was the problem

Gamehard367d ago

Yeah I'll agree MGSV had terrific gameplay. It was the overly repetitive missions and bad/unfinished story that ruined it. I enjoyed the game overall, at the time. But looking back on it I wouldn't want to play it again.

kparks366d ago

Would of been cool for a game like trails of cold steel to be listed.

LucasRuinedChildhood367d ago

Days Gone's gameplay is laughable compared to MGS5.

SyntheticForm366d ago


MSGV is a very polished game with much (and I mean MUCH) better AI, which in turn makes the stealth gameplay superior.

While I enjoyed both games, the quality of craftsmanship of Days Gone was nil in comparison.

Endyo366d ago

MGSV is, by a pretty clear margin, my favorite MGS game in terms of gameplay. It has everything of its predecessors and so much more. The ultimate manifestation of franchise growth. If the game had a proper ending - aka the portion that was cut for time/money/etc - it might have taken the top spot.

AlexMuncatchy366d ago

"and so much more".

I absolutely adore the Metal Gear Solid games, but MGSV was an incredibly weak game. It made for a decent enough stealth experience, but the story (basically the glue that holds this entire franchise together) felt scattershot, derivative and quite frankly, uninterested in telling its own story past the opening segment.

I wouldn't blame Kojima for that, per say, it just feels like shaky work of a brilliant game designer getting pestered and harassed at the workplace, and its output is every bit as grindy as any Open-World Ubisoft game.

Endyo366d ago

In terms of gameplay. It's the sentence before it. It combined the breadth of options from MGS4 (plus plenty more relating to vehicles and other neat gadgets) and streamlined and improved the base management options from Peace Walker. It was mechanically the most expansive and enjoyable gameplay experiences in the franchise. If the story had a little more love and a lot of the audio tapes were cutscenes, it would have been a lot more popular

BinaryMind367d ago

I replayed MGSV, didn't take that long on the second go around, so I can say personally, it's not too long for a second playthrough.

"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is and always will be Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus for the Metal Gear franchise" Nah, though it is my favorite in the series, most would say that the masterpiece for the MG franchise is MGS1 or 3 (hell, many would pick 2 or 4 as well). All five are great, IMO.

SamPao367d ago

I agree, I spent more time with 5 than any other release in the series, so that says something. Its just a lot of fun gameplaywise

mgszelda1367d ago

As a massive MGS fan, I strongly disagree. I had to spend 60 plus hours beating a game spread way too thin, missing 3 major pillars for metal gear games.
Great boss fights.
Great and lengthy cutscenes.
Piles and piles of exposition.

LoveSpuds367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I have replayed each of the MGS titles many, many times but like you, I have played MGS5 more than any of the titles in the series. I literally couldn't put it down, I found the gameplay utterly irresistable and while I would concede that its story was lacking in comparison to the other games, I still found the story compelling and really enjoyable.

It's funny that this article cropped up as I have been considering a replay for the last few months but my backlog (currently around 65 games on my shelf) keeps getting in the way.

2pacalypsenow366d ago

No, it’s the fact that’s it’s repetitive as Fuh.

MGS3 and 4 are the best in the series.

sushimama367d ago

I never played any of the other Metal Gear Solid games, but I was surprised to see in my 'Personalised PS video' that we all got at the end of last year, that my playthrough time on MGSV was friggin just over 200 hours lol. I loved the game so much. I didn't get the Plat, because there was a lot of grindy collection shit, but I loved getting all the S-Ranks.

367d ago
Myst-Vearn367d ago

The mark of a great franchise, every entry has someone considering it the best one. Personally MGS3 will always be my favorite.

LoveSpuds367d ago

Yeah, I think I would probably opt for number 3 too, as you say, what a tremendous series of games.

Imalwaysright367d ago

That's not just my favorite MGS game. It's the best game I ever played.

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william_cade367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

If they release NG+, I will revisit Days Gone and I'm slowly working my way through a 3rd play-through of RDR2. Games that have a "save game option" aren't usually too long for me. Though I must admit Fallout 4 is kind of a pile of crap, which makes it feel long.

rpvenom367d ago

persona 5.. totally agree.. that game was a masterpiece and i couldnt put it down or wait to come home and play.. its been a long time since a game was able to do that to me.. but yeah.. i cannot pump another 100 hours to play it through a second time.. its a huge commitment.

SamPao367d ago

I am at 55h... no end in sight, while I do like it, I preferred number 4, that lasted 40h and was a lot of fun.

Snookies12367d ago

Wha-!? You beat P4 in 40 hours? Took me 80, and I really didn't do a whole lot of side stuff.

SamPao367d ago

@snookies12 huh, maybe I have the hours wrong? :D I thought it was around there the last time I saw my savefile

LoveSpuds367d ago

I agree with you too, but I must be honest, I am totally going to play Persona 5: Royal when it releases.

rpvenom367d ago

Same.. It looks so good and I loved the game so I might have to as well..

SyntheticForm366d ago

I still need to complete P5, but a friend of mine who normally cruises through games with 100% completion spent 200+ hours playing it - got the platinum as well.

Not sure if that's excessive for P5 because I've barely scratched the surface.

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