Watch Dogs Legion isn't learning from what worked in its predecessor

There are plenty of reasons to be impressed by Watch Dogs Legion. However, some of the initial coverage has been a bummer since the development team is eschewing many of the things that made Watch Dogs 2 so much great.

The original Watch Dogs was pretty disappointing. Aiden Pearce was a totally unlikable protagonist with muddied motivations and the core gameplay structure got repetitive rather quickly. Its San Francisco-based sequel was a massive improvement as it focused on a likable group of characters and there were more non-lethal ways to get through the game. There were still plenty of issues, both mechanically and narratively, but it was such an improvement that it seemed like Ubisoft had learned from all of the mistakes of its first effort. Legion isn’t giving off that same vibe so far.

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TheProfessional12d ago

Watchdogs 2 had a great open world and good graphics but the story and tone were garbage. The "changes" ubisoft made were an overreaction to people who criticized watchdogs 1 and they ruined the game. I'm glad to hear that Legion isn't repeating the same awful mistakes.

RedDeadLB12d ago

I just hope they improve their audio mixing and voice acting. Verhicles are too quiet compared to other sounds in the game, voice acting is pure garbage and the driving mechanics could use a lot of work. Vehicles don't feel like vehicles at all by their mechanics and sound.