Bungie Apologizes for Changing Launch Window for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Destiny 2 keeps getting bigger and bigger, and since Bungie’s split from Activision, they seem to need more time to continue to expand their universe with additional maintenance on Shadowkeep.

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It’s perfectly ok to have a delay as long as Bungie produce a better product. I just started grinding for my Broadsword anyway so no rush for a new season...

Dylanslegos8d ago

I still want to do a lot before the season is over.


Yeah tell me about it. I just finished getting recluse and luna’s Howl. Now I’m after Redrix broadsword. I just need to reset my valor 2 more times before the end of the season and let’s not forget I still need to finish my solstice armor set. There’s plenty to do this season...

SolidGamerX8d ago

As long as its for the better then the delay is acceptable but they have no excuse if they get it wrong now its all on them they cant blame Activison for it anymore.

BeardedPriest8d ago

This totally had nothing to do with avoiding borderlands 3. Bungie doesn't cram.

kayoss8d ago

I really want to get back into this game. But I’m so behind and trying to get up to speed will be almost impossible. I’ve know how the destiny community are, they are very selfish and unwilling to help (not all are selfish, but the majority are).

kbozz718d ago

Same here kayoss, so far behind I don't even know where to start.

Dylanslegos7d ago

I can agree with that. You just have to find the right team.

Vereor_Nox_Venti7d ago

Right now, the game has a power surge quest that helps you reach power level 690(I think?) in a short time. The maximum power level is 750, but there are a lot of powerful rewards to get each week so it's not that bad. You still have to play the story (forsaken is great) and do exotic quests (well, if you care about the gun), but if you're really in mood, it's much easier to catch up now. Hope that helps!

Dylanslegos7d ago

However, to do some other things you do need a team.

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