About: Spore Creatures Review

About writes: "A spin-off from Will Wright's massive world-builder, Spore Creatures for the DS keeps the creature creating but loses all the awe of Spore. With a seemingly random storyline and a dull fighting mechanic, this is a weak interpretation of one of the biggest games of the year."


* Spore Creatures has a lovely, comic book-like aesthetic that plays with 2D and 3D.
* Adding wacky body parts to your creature is fun -- for a time.
* The DS's WiFi connection lets you show off particularly crazy creatures.


* Boiling down a huge, open game like Spore into a tiny adventure just doesn't work.
* Storyline feels random and tacked on.
* The fighting mechanic (i.e. scribbling on the screen with your stylus) is boringly simple.

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