Top 10 Games We’re Happy Got Cancelled

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Sometimes, a game getting cancelled is actually a blessing in disguise that either helps the developer or game series reach new heights with what actually does come next or just saves our time and money by keeping what would obliviously have been a bad time lost forever."

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harmny678d ago

You're happy for the lay offs too?

PiNkFaIrYbOi678d ago

Why would anyone be happy about any game being cancelled?

678d ago
AlexMuncatchy677d ago

okay, I'll bite.
I friggin adored Arkane's version of Prey (it's basically the spiritual successor to System Shock that we never got) but I would have loved to see the bounty hunter iteration of the sequel as well, perhaps as it's own IP.

2ndhandcorn677d ago

Scalebound for me was happy it got canned , the concept seemed picked out of a hat lol terrible.

Knightofelemia677d ago

That RE title on Gameboy colour looks like an Atari Lynx game