Physical versions of several PS4 games discounted to below $20

Amazon has discounted the physical versions of several notable PlayStation 4 games to under $20.

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william_cade679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Most of the games are 20 usd. 19.99, 19.96 etc are still 20 usd or more with shipping, and and at least one is 24 usd . Why not just leave "under $20" out of the title?

JokerBoy422679d ago

Cuz neither of us would have clicked the link then lol.

Orionsangel678d ago

I don't want something extra cluttering up my room. Digital only!

sprinterboy678d ago

£55 for hellblade, fc5 and division 2 atm on psn store summer sale. Picking them up nxt week.
Digital sales ftw, can't sell the games then either like I did last gen with physical.