Mirror's Edge official OXM review

Aside from everything else Mirror's Edge succeeds at, it also has some of the most arresting, original visuals we've seen on 360. Its starkly colorful graphics and slick anime cinematics are expressly designed to wire directly into your nerd-joy cortex - and they do. With such raw creativity and built-in speed-run appeal, Mirror's Edge will transfix you for a long, long time.

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Early mixed reviews...

I will wait until all reviews are in before i decide if i buy it. Demo was ok, but not AMAZING.

Montrealien4563d ago

ok is good. If I only played amazing games, my gaming would be few and far between.

chaosatom4563d ago

The demo felt awesome. Although it was short, it had substance.

It's actually a relieve to not shoot anybody and just run through.

Fox014563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

Cover story of the Holiday 208 issue.

Score: 9.5

OXM's Good Points, Bad Points Grid:

+ Extremely intense action and zombie-killin' chaos.

+ Built to be very playable.

- Can't play Versus on all four campaigns; no plot.

? When the zombie apocalypse inevitably arrives, which side do you want to be on?

Tmac4563d ago

lol... okay this sint l4d.

Dread4563d ago


did not expect that

this is developing into an amazing (epic) gaming season.

here here

4563d ago
Nitrowolf24563d ago

This game has mix reviews, so im thinking it will go both ways for allot of people.
some will like and some will hate

kosha4563d ago

Yeah alot like assasins creed

lowcarb4563d ago

I played the demo for my 1st time on Live and must say the game blew me away. I wasn't expecting it to be that good but was totally wrong. Heck I've played quite a few games lately and can't believe all the great stuff coming out. looks like i will be going to blockbusters to trade some stuff in since there the only place that actually gives you a good amount of money back unlike rip off gamestop and crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.