9.7 Gears of War 2 Review

It's safe to say the way action shooters were played and developed was altered forever with the release of the first Gears of War. Many gamers bought the game because of the hype; they wanted to see what was up with all the high scores and favourable reactions from every site and magazine on earth. Well most of those people that did buy the game are probably still playing the game online to this day. Some people beat it multiple times on each difficulty. Others made sure every friend they have had bought a 360 and finished the game online on coop with them. That is how huge and enjoyable the first Gears of War was. So with the release of the highly anticipated sequel, one can only wonder how Epic could possibly top themselves. After spending the past few days with Gears of War 2, we can say with confidence that Epic has indeed outdone itself.

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Rocky874049d ago

nice review! Graphics are truly awesome.
They kill everything ...

this level killed me ...

Rabie14049d ago

True that.. i had to hold and check my tv during some scenes! great game all around!

TheMART4048d ago

BAM! Another close to 10 review insane!