Chrono Trigger Portraits From Comic Book Artist Are Crafted With Stunning Detail

StarVeil and Steve Lichman artist Dave Rapoza shared a series of incredible character portraits that Chrono Trigger fans will love.

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Fraggle1987676d ago

What i wouldnt give for an end to the chrono trilogy.....

KaaF676d ago

Try Cosmic Star Heroine, one of the best CT style games I've played.

676d ago
PhoenixUp676d ago

The Chrono series isn’t supposed to be a trilogy

CanadianTurtle676d ago

I agree. I've seen better. Look at the artist known as Alex Ross. Now that is stunning detail. I'd love to see him draw Chrono Trigger characters

Teflon02676d ago

tbh, I prefer the way I always saw them over these. Not much detail. Just a different art style