Resistance is Futile

Microsoft's Gears of War 2 and Sony's Resistance 2 are both expected to be big sellers in the run-up to Christmas.

This Christmas, both Sony and Microsoft are placing their bets on a bunch of ugly aliens and a couple of anti-heroes who are almost as ugly. The massive gaming companies are going head-to-head in the build-up to the crucial holiday sales season with two much anticipated and very similar titles, Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2.

Traditionally, the November and December shopping months are the biggest for the gaming industry, and these two releases promise to be the shopping season's crown jewels.

Jamie Foxx5728d ago (Edited 5728d ago )

you would think bloggers would do their homework before posting articles it states ps3 has sold around 12mil and 360 around 21 mil? basically gifting the 360 an extra 5mil out of thin air...

Jamie Foxx5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

i mean an extra 5mil LEAD ps3 has sold 17mil not 12, hope that clears this up for you nai in the open zone!!!!!

CrazyOrange5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

"XBOX360" sold "22mil" since lunch until "30 September".

"PlayStation 3" sold "16.84mil" since lunch until "30 September".

source: " http://en.wikipedia.org/&qu...

i am the truth5727d ago

Both games are different.They will both sell alot and be enjoyed by both sets of fan boys.

Now can we stop comparing both games,if u go to a topic about gears2 u will see the same thing.And apart from that u should not be comparing a TPS to a FPS.

Im getting tired of all this gears2 v resistance2 (-_-)

The Killer5727d ago

stop lying in the gamer zone fanboy, MS didnt even release their hardware data since march 2008!!

so would u tell me from who u get ur numbers? and from who wikipedia get their numbers? and from who those party get their numbers??

Sarcasm5727d ago

lol getting "facts" from wikipedia is as reliable as getting facts from N4G's open zone section.

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NaiNaiNai5728d ago (Edited 5728d ago )

that says 22 million units "sold" as September 30, 2008 *not shiped sold*
and considering that wiki page cannot be moddified, i believe those stats are true. do your own research.

absolutecarnage5728d ago

Can't really argue with that can you ps3 fan boys, but i know you will really sad in reality. Nice work Nai

Jamie Foxx5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

your argument already fails...and if your saying ps3 has sold 12mil guess you need to do your homework.... or better yet why not check your holy grail....wiki?

Snukadaman_5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

Looking at motorstorm 2 numbers I dont think so....usually sequels sell plenty but they got it down at 33k....33k is not enough to play multiplayer games with.....I think sonys ps3 failure will continue onto 2009...an abysmal failure and Im glad Im passing on it again this season. I think sony os quickly losing credibility with even its own owners of the ps3....exclusives on it are doing terrible...look at socom with that fiasco.....nba 08 the life......now add motorstorm 2...and soon resistance 2 as well.....As a video game enthuisiast I never thought I would see the day where such games like socom would be rushed out the door to compete with the competition....sadly in the state they are....

ultimolu5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

...You are a...I wouldn't even say it.

Snukadaman_: R2 may not sell as much as Gears 2 but it will sell pretty well. It's an amazing game so why can't you accept that and move on?

NaiNaiNai5727d ago

ahhh are you mad. wiki pulls there numbers from NPD and such. so why is it your so mad, because i showed that the sites stats where right. god if you don't like how much its selling then bofrickenho. stop being such a fanboy. also i never said anything about the ps3, i didn't even say anything on the subject. T_T why a. i didn't want to check into it, b. i don't care how much it sold.

5727d ago
ultimolu5727d ago

Nai, NPD numbers say otherwise.
Now back to your cave. -__-

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absolutecarnage5728d ago

Gears 2 will Sell more than R2 plain and simple, No offense to R2 it looks awesome too. All that ps3 fan boy bullsh1t about how gears 2 has sh1tty graphic's and looks aka Gray's of war is retarded. Played it last night for like 5 hours and was blown away. I'll admit that the graphic's haven't greatly increased BUT you really can't greatly improve on something that was awesome already. GREAT GAME PLAIN AND SIMPLE GOOD JOB EPIC, keep setting the bar for gaming

Nitrowolf25728d ago


oh i have a question for R2 owners.
Im not trying to put the game down in anyway, i love the game it is incredible but just today i decided to try out Split-screen co-oop offline. And the first thing i notice that the graphics for it looked a bit different. Why is that? I mean i wasnt impress by how it looked either so. again Why are they like that?

Close_Second5728d ago

...version of R2 but I did not like how in the beta, when you played local co-op that you could not change the aspect of the split screen. Also, the size of the window you were playing in during local co-op was tiny!

As for why the graphics change tell me what multiplayer FPS game does not feature graphics that appear different during on-line play?

SeNiLe9115728d ago

GOW2 is phenomenal! Me and a buddy stayed up late and finished the campaign on hardcore last night and I was amazed at the detail Epic put into this game. The level design is just awesome. The game is on par until you reach chapter 4 and 5, that is when the game hits a hole in 1. This game is a must have for all gamers to enjoy, a must have!

Nitrowolf25727d ago

Well i mean it was really noticable compared to online(not split). I really hope it was my buddy T.V..
But hey the game is still fun as hell, trying to get me some more trophies. Dam how are you suppose to beat arcade mode. I need Super Human mode Dammit

Nathaniel_Drake5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

Don't get me wrong, GOW2 is awesome and is a game like R2 I would play constantly, but what bar are you talking about, there isn't really any innovation from the game, yes the gameplay is a perfect 10 because well its fun, but innovation is something this title isn't

If you are talking about setting the bar for gaming, consoles, then R2 has done that with the 30 vs 30

Note: Again I would get Gears of war 2 if I had a 360 and it deserves the 9 scores its getting because its such a great game, but for a sequel to get a perfect overall score it has to innovate and be a much different, better game, which is why I think most sequels do get lower scores, and some that get perfect scores and don't innovate just doesn't make sense, remember this is totally different then fun factor which most reviewing sites don't score that way except gamepro

absolutecarnage5727d ago

LOL now I 'm getting disagrees all of a sudden, well i guess I 'll take back my statement that R2 looks good, Man you ps3 fan boys are little b1tches, can't even admit when a good game is a good game , get a life douche bags

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darkequitus5728d ago

Only thing I still have to wait until Wednesday when I return to the UK from the US.



Sarcasm5727d ago

I already played both.

And Killzone 2 just pwned them both.

lol j/k

They're all great.

Close_Second5727d ago

...simply because of the larger 360 install base and its basically the only AAA exclusive on the 360 this holiday season with mass market appeal. Sure there is Fable II and the next Banjo game but Fable II is not a game for the masses and Banjo seems to be falling a little flat in the reviews.

However, Gears 2 is a brilliant sequel that I'm sure will help MS move lots of 360s over the holiday period.

Nathaniel_Drake5727d ago

I agree gears 2 will outsell R2, but if you have both consoles you get to enjoy two different kinds of games, but if you have only one console you get to enjoy the great things each gives you

With Gears of War 2 you get an update to part 1 when more monsters and bigger and the same awesome fun factor

With R2 you get a new kind of experience never before shown on another gaming console