GTA Online Breaks More Records

After five years of content, Grand Theft Auto 5 sees player records broken with the recent free release of "The Diamond Casino & Resort" update.

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FallenAngel1984723d ago

Hard for me to care when GTAO is a large part of the reason we don’t see more games from Rockstar nowadays

Araragifeels 723d ago

Or the reason that story dlc get cancelled.

King_Noctis721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

Had GTA Online failed, Rockstar would have produced and released more games than right now. But since GTA Online is their main money maker right now, they seem to have slacked off and don’t feel the need to release more games.

It is incredibly saddening that Rockstar has only released ONE new game this gen in RDR2 as opposed to several ones during the past generations.

ClayRules2012721d ago

Yeah, that’s a real shame. All the story dlc that could’ve happened, but never did because of the success of GTA online just annoys me.

I wanted more story DLC with Trevor!

chiefJohn117721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

Or maybe because gtao is making them so much money, they'll rather spend more time on development for better Quality. Im sure RDR2 wouldn't be near the level it's at now had it release 2 years ago

remixx116720d ago (Edited 720d ago )


Lol bro miss us with that bs

Last gen Rockstar put out gta4, rdr, max pain 3 and gta5 just off the top of my head.

Then it turns out the next gen that they only release one game near the end of the gen and cancel the single player dlc for gta5 with nothing rumored on the horizon and you wanna tell me it's just coincidence...nah bro I'm not with the koolaid shit.

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xVOLTx721d ago

I dunno. Games of this scale seem like they would take a lot of time to make.

ClayRules2012721d ago

I don’t disagree with you on that. Especially with the attention to detail that Rockstar puts into their world’s, I see why it takes so darn long, and their games get delayed.

nyu1721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

what are you all talking about ?

Rockstar spent 8 years and up to 2000 people (at peak) making their last game (and that was after GTA5 and GTA Online). They make the biggest, highest production value games in the entire gaming industry. That shit takes time. The only way you'd see more games from them is if you want much smaller games.

Right now, they are working on the next GTA guaranteed. We can also guarantee that they are spending, or will be spending an ungodly amount of money and resources on it. The kind of stuff that almost no other dev can afford.

JackBNimble720d ago

They've probably been working on gta6 for years now as well. I would expect that to release soon into the next gen.

roadkillers720d ago

While it does take up a lot of resource, Rockstar starting slowing down game releases at the start of the PS3/360 era. Max Payne 3 forever to make for straight forward 3rd person shooter.

Everyone will be happy and excited again when Rockstar announces Bully 2 later this year or early next.

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TheHateTheyGive721d ago

Why make gta 6 when they can easily port gta v to next gen consoles and profit?

franwex721d ago

They probably will port it, but I’m sure they are working on gta6. Imagine making money from BOTH!

Atom666721d ago

With BC, they won't even have to port it. My question is, what kind of support does 5 get when GTA6 presumably launches with a new online mode.

neutralgamer1992720d ago

Will it though? Wouldn't it make. More sense to focus on single player in GTA6 and just port the online from 5 to 6

Since it's called GTA online not GTA5 online. This way graphics could be updated and more players allowed on a server. I don't think they will work on brand new from ground up gta online

BuildTheWall721d ago

Got rid of my copy of GTA5 because of this shit.

tethered721d ago

GTA6 will come out right before the end of this cycle of systems so they can double dip on the PS5 and XBOX NEXT.

badz149721d ago

it's confirmed that they can already triple dip with GTAV because PS5 and Scarlett are both full BC. so I wouldn't put my hopes up for GTA6 anytime soon

ZeekQuattro721d ago

Think again. They make so much money off of V I doubt we'll be seeing VI anytime soon.

nyu1721d ago

I hope it doesn't. Exclusive next gen means they can actually do so much more with it.

Vetgamer721d ago

Must be on my own, but I don't like gta online the gun mechanics are awful and the load times.. arghhh.

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