PSU reviews Socom Confrontration [UPDATED]

The editor writes:-

"[Editor's Note: Due to SOCOM: Confrontation receiving its much anticipated patch, we have decided to update our review. This isn't something we normally do, but we felt it was necessary to give a proper representation of what to expect with Confrontation.]"

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BattleAxe4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Its funny, there have actually been some good reviews for Socom, but if you go over to Metacritic they have left all of the good reviews out.

They used 1Up for their Resistance 2 Review that was 8.3/10, but they wont use 1Ups review of 8.5/10 for Socom.

loslonelyman4046d ago

Out of 12 clan members, 4 had stats erased! I was in games yesterday, when player models started disappearing and, lighting was flickering all over, walls disappearing UGH. This game is a pile of pooh, and Im in the killzone2 beta and that game is 4 months away and has none of these problems! This game gets a 6.0 from me and thats just because, its the best third person game out now.

darkequitus4046d ago

Is every game going to be re-reviewed after a patch is release. Or, not bother review at all until the game is available in an appropriate condition?

darkequitus: PSN/XBL

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The story is too old to be commented.