New Resident Evil to be tested in September

Capcom’s Division 1, responsible for developing the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series, has sent out a recruitment email to Resident Evil Ambassadors based in Japan in search of “game testers.” Details are highly vague, but the tests will be conducted on either September 8 or September 9 , and that one must be a Resident Evil Ambassador and a person who has played the series (to what extent is not stated).

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CorndogBurglar74d ago

I doubt its Threemake this soon.

It's probably RE8.

Remember how long production took for RE2 Remake? I know they had to build that from scratch and Threemake is likely going to reuse a lot of those assets. But RE2 just came out not long ago. RE8 makes more sense I think.

Ratchet7574d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I just hope RE8 will be VR compatible. 🙏🙏

naruga74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

@rachet no fk NO .....i hope to not even fing think to make RE 8 1 st person and VR 7 was abysmal ...and look the fate it had along its ridiculous DLC ...Capcom sht theirselves and quickly made RE 2 Remake to reduce the damage from Re7 no we DONT want this to happen again

Shadow Man74d ago

RE8 with VR option is a must. It worked well in Resident Evil 7 so there should be not reason ignore the PSVR base.

mafiabrett74d ago

I'm also one of those who wasn't a fan of VR, not a fan of gimmick gaming in general. I don't care if they decide to do another First Person horror, id prefer 3rd person but I just don't want RE8 be catered to a VR crowd.

The whole time playing RE7, it felt like they had VR set as their priority with controller as a backthought.

Now i do think Resident Evil games with VR has a place, but not as part of the main series (unless it's built in as a afterthought). Resident Evil VR games should be a side/spinoff thing. It will be much more accepted.

KyRo74d ago

Naurga once again, RE7 was a great game. Many people loved the change including me who can be somewhat critical of some of the directions Capcom has taken RE in. Capcom did not shit themselves over RE7. It was a success for them. The VR aspect is still praised to this day.

73d ago
DarXyde73d ago


So you're against the *option* of VR? I don't care for first person titles as a whole, but for horror, it has worked very well in the past: P.t., Condemned, Outlast, etc. I wholeheartedly wish Silent Hills became a full game: it had exactly what the series needed.

To the topic at hand, I'm actually hoping it's for an Outbreak remake/ reboot.

JokerBoy42273d ago

Leaked Capcom schedule was the Threemake first and then the release of Resi 8. Of course that could have been a false leak or a change of plans.

Sirk7x73d ago

3make could probably be done within 2 years, and they'll need testers throughout development to test different builds. It's probably a safer game for them to make than RE8.

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winter_hill73d ago

@Naruga Breathe in quietly through the nose for 4 seconds. Hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds. Exhale forcefully through the mouth, pursing the lips and making a "whoosh" sound, for 8 seconds. Repeat the cycle up to 4 times.

BigBosss73d ago

They did say RE3 would be out before RE8

zielocz3k74d ago

RE3 Remake or new (or remaster) Outbreak pls

-Foxtrot74d ago

Resident Evil 3 please

Anyone point continuing the over complicated, over the top current timeline. Just use the remakes as a new timeline and make RE4 as Code Veronica where Leon goes to save Claire not Chris, no secret service / presidents body guard crap. He just continued being a police officer.

Brave_Losers_Unite74d ago

If you want to kill Resident Evil.. This is how you do it. Please stay away from giving any ideas to Capcom.. Please

budumtss74d ago

capcom killed the franchise with 4. after all its the game with the gameplay and story that lead to re6. also re4s story is laughable, pathetic and cringey at best. foxtrot and capcom know this, considering the changes since 7. i really hope they wipe the trash that is re4 out canon and replace it with something actually competent and creative.

Concertoine74d ago (Edited 74d ago )


None of the resident evil plots are good. Some deliver their story more artfully than others (REmake and 7) but none of the RE's old or new have great stories.

I think their remake series takes those old campy plots and tries to modernize them without twisting what made them appealing. I could see them retelling RE 4 with more ambience and a darker tone and it being much better from a narrative perspective.

Code Veronica would REALLY benefit from a remake, more so than 4 imo

Razmiran74d ago

I agree that resident evil 6 is bad
4, 5, Revelations 1 and 7 were all pretty good however, I do not understand why everyone tries to pretend they are not

-Foxtrot74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

How would that kill Resident Evil? You do realise that I'm not saying RE4 is terrible or a bad game right? It's more to do with the fact Code Veronica would benefit more from a remake then RE4, it's too dated still while Code Veronica is the last main RE to be outdated unless you want to count Outbreak. Changing the timeline here would allow them to shape future games where they can tell brand new stories.

You're telling me that idea is worse what they did in RE5, RE6, Operation Raccoon City or Umbrella Corps?

Resident Evil is back on top because they did what fans wanted, they went back, remade RE2, and actually made a horror game which felt and looked like Resident Evil

If they change the timeline they can stop the plagas crap, continue on Tyrants/Zombies/Umbrella, have Wesker around for longer, keep Alexia from Code Veronica as Leon/Claire's "Wesker" while he deals with the games featuring STARS.

I mean lets put it into perspective. Leon finds out that Claire, his best friend and possible romantic interest is being held by Umbrella on an Island. Despite knowing the horrors Umbrella does to people, he decides to just casually pass that information onto Chris, her brother instead. Really? You're telling me he just lets Chris go in by himself instead of rushing straight into action and saving his friend? Bullshit. It's a change which would make the most sense.

Razmiran74d ago

Sooo what you are saying is "They should use remakes to change the story to go along with my fanfiction ideas"

-Foxtrot74d ago

Fan fiction? Or maybe because the current timeline is a clusterf*** and they need to fix everything otherwise they’ll just keep making games with RE5, RE6, Umbrella Corps and all the other games that ruined the continuity

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AdmGenAladeen74d ago

Exactly. RE4 onward was complete garbage. That's the reason RE was a joke for the last 15 years. Continue with the timeline directly after 3 and forget 4-6!

Razmiran74d ago

I love when people try to pretend great games were bad just because they didnt like them

CorndogBurglar74d ago

@ Razmiran

And I love when people pretend they don't like terrible games.

Razmiran74d ago

True, we often cannot see that we like terrible games
But you cant say 4 is COMPLETE GARBAGE, its a game that marked a before and after and set trends
Trends that were later overused, but well, not the fault of the game

Sirk7x73d ago

I think you forget how 4 was reviewed when it released. Consensus was revolutionary game play design, best graphics and one of the greatest games ever made.

forkymental73d ago

Resident Evil 4 is the highest rated game in the series. It's average score is 95.85%, so you're wrong there. The closest to it are the RE2 Remake - 94.44%, and the Dreamcast version of Code Veronica - 93.79%. Being an older gamer helps put things like this in perspective. I still remember the first time I played the original Resident Evil. It completely floored me. I'd never seen anything like it before.

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mafiabrett74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Im one of the few people who loved RE4, RE5, and RE6. The story at least.. I didn't mind the slightly more action paced, would of preferred more horror route.

I see a lot of people hate on the series because they have this mentality that the Resident Evil series is supposed to be about Zombies, Zombies, Zombies.. but it's more than that, it's about Biological Weapons. And RE4 to RE6, Revelations 1 and 2 all do a decent job exploring all the different Viruses/Parasites that were built as Biological Weapons. Yes some Viruses were more fun to explore T-Virus > C-Virus.. but that's why I love Resident Evil, seeing all the different kinds

jeremyj291373d ago

I'm with you on getting to see all the different types of bioweapons. RE5 had some really fun co-op but the complete lack of horror and cutscenes that rivaled The Matrix left a bad taste in my mouth. I liked the gore in RE6 and Leon and Ada's campaigns.

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