Can Marvel Crossovers Ever Escape the Infinity Saga?

This month, nearly a decade to the month after the release of its predecessor, Nintendo released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, a return to the beloved ARPG Marvel gaming series that takes comic book crossover mania to a team-based beat ‘em up conclusion. But it also serves as a reminder that...god, things were so different back when Ultimate Alliance 2 was coming out, weren’t they?

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CorndogBurglar811d ago

Yeah. Just wait until the next big storyline is revealed in the MCU. Then all the crossovers will be about that.

But the Infinity Gauntlet is one of Marvel's most famous and popular stories. Even the fighting game Marvel Super Heroes was about it back in the 90's, long before the MCU was even an idea.

I agree it's time to move on. But with the MCU becoming far more popular and reaching way more people than the comics ever did, sadly we are living in a world where the movies will dictate most other forms of media, not the comics. At least, that is, until the MCU eventually runs out of gas. Which it eventually will just like all movie trends. But it could take quite a while for that to happen.

AK91811d ago

It depends on who the next big bad will be in the MCU universe.