20 minutes of Killzone 2 US beta footage.

PSU: "Looking forward to Killzone 2? Haven't had the chance to participate in the beta? Then look no further – we've got two videos showcasing 20 minutes worth of the US Killzone 2 public beta in action for your viewing pleasure.

The first video begins as a walkthrough, showing off the different game modes, character classes, and options available in the beta. Meanwhile, the second video consists of 10 minutes worth of intense action, adding to the ever-growing anticipation for final product in February 2009.

Check out the videos below."

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Nikkelz4049d ago

i cannot wait for this game,and is it me or can you see the enemies as red dots on your map?

if it is it aint a problem if you can atleast shut them off if i wanted to

Jager4049d ago

The red dots are probably from the Snipers 2nd ability (Tag enemy units and displays them) or the dots show up when enemies fire. As of disabling it, You can customize your server in so many ways, the radar is a definate of what u can customize to have on / off or what ever.

olivia4049d ago

i didn't know there was a killzone2 movie seriously when does it come out anyone know

Atomic4048d ago

This looks badass unlike caricatures of war.

himdeel4048d ago

...during that death animation before you respawn can a teammate revive you? Just wondering because it would seem to be the best and most appropriate time to be able to do so.

SSCOOLCHEA4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

You cant see your enemies on the map . the red dot on the map means something else . The red dots on the screen is the eyes of the Helghast .

Yes Medics can revive you if you dont want to spawn . Can somebody let me know how to control the bots ?

This isnt just europe . I been in the us room many times

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NS4049d ago

should be applauded. KZ1 was still a good game with some bad bugs and design options but KZ2 looks like it will correct all the mistakes from 1 and then more.

I am really looking forward to Sony refining and using this engine for future PS games.

Feb can't come soon enough.

Harry1904049d ago

You can't log in the US lobbies right now.....Only the EU ones.

wolfsrain4049d ago

I can log in on the US lobbies???

Sarcasm4049d ago

Funny, I was playing in the US lobby earlier today.

Jager4049d ago

The sound... my god its awesome, same with the graphics. and the gameplay looks off the hook. aka, Awesome title confirmed for those who didnt think GG would pull it off.

Itrguy0014049d ago

how do u get into KZ2 beta? cause i checked my all my E-mails and i havent found an invite yet

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The story is too old to be commented.