10 Licensed Games That Suprised Everyone by Not Sucking

Most licensed games tend to be below average, but every now and then, developers produce a game based on an existing license that is actually good.

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Sciurus_vulgaris80d ago

EA back in the early PS2/Xbox/GC-era actually put out some pretty good licensed games, notably 007 Nightfire , 007 Everything or Nothing and some of their Lord of The Rings games.

TheFirstClassic80d ago

The world is not enough had a really good game made by eurocom on n64, it was overshadowed by goldeneye and perfect dark unfortunately, I think it has aged better in certain ways, and it had a better framerate. I miss the old days of solid bond games.

AlexMuncatchy80d ago

There were a bunch of fun Bond games, but Goldeneye and World's Not Enough (running on the ski lines in multiplayer was too much fun back in day)

Nightfire was also really great, as well.

PowerOfTheCloud80d ago

Yup first game that came to my mind. Was better than the movie imho

AlexMuncatchy80d ago

Escape from Butcher Bay remains one of the best games I've ever played.

Leeroyw80d ago

They managed to make a prison feel real and dangerous. Brilliant

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psuedo80d ago

I enjoyed "The Great Escape" game on the PS2. Also "The Thing" on PS2 wasnt to bad. Unfortunately it was to hard at the time when I was younger.

Literal_Cringe80d ago

6th gen in general was a really good gen for licensed games, so many surprising gems from that time

AlexMuncatchy80d ago

Peter Jackson's King Kong.
Avatar: The game
X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And love it or hate it, Enter The Matrix really scratched the itch for Matrix games as well.

Venox200879d ago

I prefered matrix: path of neo much more

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