10 Great Short RPGs That You Could Start and Finish This Weekend

Twinfinite Writes: RPGs are notorious for being epic time-consuming games, but there are still a few shorter experiences that you can knock off in a weekend.

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BrainSyphoned458d ago

FF4 will always be my quick play old school JRPG. Beat it at Funcoland in one shift when no customers came in because of snow.

SegaGamer457d ago

A lot of great games in that list. It's proof that not every game needs to be a slog to be fun. A few of my favourite games can be completed in a day or two.

I like long games, but of late, I have tried to avoid a lot of games that will take really long to complete 100%. 40 hours is usually the point where my interest in a game is starting to fade. If I am still really enjoying a game after 40 hours, then it will likely be one of my favourite games.

Fist4achin457d ago

It is hard to find the time as well for the longer RPGs which are my favorite genre to play.

lptmg457d ago

You forgot the quintessential short RPG: Chrono Trigger. You can beat it in like 10 to 15 hours

Bleucrunch457d ago

Well it its an RPG, I do not expect to beat it in a day, that is not what they were originally intended for. Why expect otherwise. If you do not like a game that takes time to complete, then go play sonic the hedgehog or tetris as those can be beaten quick.

I always thought RPG's should be 25-30 hours if you run through it and don't experience the story or the fun of traversing that world. They are suppose to be lengthy games.

Soy457d ago

Add Cosmic Star Heroine to the list, and Cat Quest if you're into cat puns.

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