‘Monster Rancher’ Is Making Big Comeback With A Remake

In celebration of the franchise's 21st anniversary.

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thatguyhayat1035d ago

Oh shit i was literally talking to my mate about this 5 mins ago. I loved the anime and was such an epic game.

Nu1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Same I grew up watching the anime random episodes. Hopefully the game is good

InKnight7s1035d ago

Monster Rancher is superior to Digimon and Pokemon in everywhere, just need constant releasing and cheap easy game developing as Pokemon to easily compete.

zep1034d ago

i agree, but i didn't like anything past monster rancher 2 i think it is the best in the series

Nebaku1034d ago

BS and you know it. MR has a cool gimmick in how you can obtain monsters, and that was it. There was nothing compelling about its world, battle system, music, graphics, or anything other than that gimmick. Even the monster designs in the series were forgettable and lackluster.

There's a reason why it's a dormant franchise and Pokemon is one of the big three along with Mario and Zelda.

bluefox7551035d ago

Good to hear, I liked this game.

Outlawzz1035d ago

The only monster rancher I ever played was for the gameboycolor. A card game lol such fond memories, interesting to see wt they can do with it now.

Majinzo1034d ago

Basic game but very fun overall. Definitely worth remaking and improving.