Where Have All The Stealth Games Gone?

Stealth games as a genre starting picking up pace in the late 90s and early 2000s, but today the genre seems to be fading away. Games where the primary focus is avoiding direct conflict can be a tense and thrilling experience, so where do we need to go to find it?

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Relientk77864d ago

A Plague Tale: Innocence just came out a couple months ago and it's fantasic.

robtion862d ago

Great game, loved it.

Alien isolation was another great stealth game this gen.

rorolezabo862d ago

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nitus10862d ago

Actually "A Plague Tale" is on my to-do list but currently, I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the hardest difficulty. Yes, you can fight humans and weak robots using your spear (still risky though) but it is so much more satisfying setting traps and/or choosing the appropriate bow and ammunition (shadow weapons are the best but at the highest difficulty they are very expensive).

BTW. Setting up for double and triple arrow shots does help but on the hardest difficulty, you also get quite a lot of roving bandits and in certain areas "sunbirds" (gint hawks are annoying but theses are deadly).

SegaGamer863d ago

Play the Styx games, I thought they were great stealth games.

robtion862d ago

Tenchu really needs to make a comeback. It could be amazing with current technology.

nitus10862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

IMHO the only way to play Styx is on the hardest setting. Sure you almost get "one-hit killed" if you are discovered especially if there are two or more protagonists, so you are basically forced to use your sneak and assassination skills. In the rare instances, you have to fight it is usually one on one combat which if you have been paying attention in the first 20 minutes of the game is not that difficult.

Bourne414863d ago

Would love a new splinter cell with ironside again. Back it its roots. And SegaGamer said styx. It's the closest thing to old school splinter cell.

NecrumOddBoy863d ago

Just not the "Oh you just knocked a cup over. Mission Failed!" level of stealth that Pandora Tomorrow had. The new ones' Batman-style of stealth felt to action. I really would love a reboot of the original.

Also agree A Plague's Tale is great. Hitman also is a good series and Days Gone has a bunch of fun stealth in it.

robtion862d ago

Also the dishonored games one of my favourite series ever.

DaDrunkenJester863d ago

I also hate the streamlined stealth in games now where simply crouching in tall grass hides you from an enemy that is two feet from you. The true stealth genre needs to come back and I'd love to see Splinter Cell make its comeback as well as a proper Thief game.

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The story is too old to be commented.