Crystal Dynamics takes control of its most beloved games

Crystal Dynamics : We are excited to inform you that Crystal Dynamics has taken control of several game franchises—including TOMB RAIDER and Legacy of Kain—from the games’ previous owner, Square Enix Limited.

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Abracadabra91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Still can't believe how cheap Square sold off these developers with IP's...

If I was a Square shareholder, I would severely pissed.

Magic_Spatula91d ago

It's all being used to fund their NFT crap anyway. It's not like they needed billions to do it.

VersusDMC90d ago

They bought eidos for 121 million in 2009 and that included hitman.

So i don't know where this narrative that they sold it for a low price comes from. People are overestimating the value of Crystal Dynamics and the rest of the Eidos IP. 300 million was probably the best offer they got.

-Foxtrot91d ago

I just really hope this knocks their plan to merge the old classic Tomb Raider timeline to the new reboot, they wanted a unified timeline and I still can't see how they would do that unless it was in a horrible forced manner, they are two completely different universes.

Hopefully that was Square Enix's idea and they can move onto a new trilogy, maybe go back to the original timeline or softboot it. However that leaked story info about Lara looking after a group of new Tomb Raiders and feeling lonely was just awful.

1Victor91d ago

Nice congrats to them and good luck they’re going to need it

locomorales91d ago

They are ready to be bought.

Fishy Fingers91d ago

They just were by the Embracer Group, thats why 'they' have control over the franchises.

PapaBop91d ago

I'm surprised Sony didn't buy them. Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver were two of the most iconic PS1 games back in the day.

neutralgamer199291d ago


According to the rumors Sony had square enix sell their western developers

shinoff218391d ago

Papbop tonb raider and soul reaver werent the two most iconic. They were well known especially tomb raider. Soul reaver wasnt as well known but i remember it being a good game. You could also pick it up at alot of places on the super cheap.

Loktai90d ago

Tonb raider was on saturn and pc not any kind of exclusive and legacy of kain was very playstation at the time but soul reaver was also on other stuff but yeah I get you I guess. Tomb raider was better on saturn if you compare launch hardware. The rev c graphics chip the psx got shortly after improved banding in textures and made tomb raider equal or better on playstation, but prior to that it was better on saturn, tiny tiny bit.

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zsquaresoff91d ago

You better do something great with, the last iteration of Tomb Raider wasn't all that great.

ClayRules201291d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I agree. While I enjoyed the first game, I didn’t much enjoy Rise or Shadow of the Tomb Raider much at all, and I was very excited for both games.

I hope they do some great and really improve on the writing and cast really likable characters (apart from Lara) in the story, her friend Jonah, I couldn’t stand him.

91d ago
zsquaresoff91d ago

Jonah was more of an annoyance than an ally.

ClayRules201291d ago

I’m glad you personally enjoyed Rise, and it was money well spent!

Yes, an annoyance, and just someone who I couldn’t careless if he’d been killed off, that was how much I disliked his presence in the games.

StarkR3ality91d ago

They were all really good games tbh...

ClayRules201291d ago

I disagree. I’m glad you got your money’s worth and had a good time with the games still!

thesoftware73091d ago

Indeed, the gameplay and graphics were excellent.

The story was the weakest part, while still being good tho.

-Foxtrot91d ago

Good games

Shit Tomb Raider games

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thesoftware73091d ago

I love all 3 Tomb Raider games. Each one was better than the last IMO.

I know people didn't like Shadow but it was fantastic.

DeusFever91d ago

The last 2 iterations of Tomb Raider weren’t all that great.

BISHOP-BRASIL91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I can't fault 'em, they were decent modern games, they weren't the best tomb raider games, but those were classics, nostalgia obviously plays a big role in how we rate 'em, in fact, I doubt a straight remake would fare any better, if not worst, than the modern trilogy. They were clunky platformers with some of the worst shooting to ever grace Playstation, the story only seemed better because of nostalgia too, it was all over the place, from wacky dinos to all serious spy shit.

*edited because my sausage fingers hate smartphones.

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Sgt_Slaughter91d ago

Hopefully this means they have a bright future.

Since Embracer Group also opened up an entire division dedicated to game preservation, maybe we'll see Tomb Raider I, II. and III remastered or remade for the current generation

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