PS4 EA Access: All The Vault Games

What does your money get you with EA Access on PS4? Here's everything that is included within the Vault.

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GtPawnSacrifices57d ago

I have access on Xbox, anybody know if I can use same account/log in for my PS4?
(Its a good service, but not paying 2x for it)

zsquaresoff57d ago

No Skate 3, no Dead Space trilogy, no Mass Effect trilogy due to no backward compatibility mean no buy.

Waste of money if these games aren't included in the package.

CBaoth57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

it's a waste of money regardless. Can't believe how people have championed these glorified, walled gardens anyway. Now they're rolling out Uplay+, and if recent rumors are accurate, Activision will roll out one at PS5 launch.

What I really want to know is, when do we get THQNordicpass and 505 games+ ? My life won't be complete until then....

CrimsonWing6957d ago

Welcome to 2019 where media is now giving you subscription options now.

micdagoat1957d ago

This one is only 30$ a year though which is why its worth it to me

RosweeSon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yeah skate 3 was great dead space 1 was amazing 2 alright 3 meh but do I really wanna subscribe to play these games again... not currently backlogs too big so I’ll be paying for stuff I’ll never have to time to play which is basically what they after jog on ea access google, gamepass great AAA games included except they ain’t got none so paying for rubbish again. I did the major Xbox exclusives so anything else on gamepass is either old being Xbox 360 games are 10+ years old, or it’s average mediocre stuff not what I wanna subscribe to thanks. If a games good enough I’ll just buy it and funnily enough most of that isn’t in these subscription services due to not being yearly cash grabs

sprinterboy57d ago

Most are just old sports games, who plays them when you want the update squads.
Plus the other games are just flops generally.

NarutoFox57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's always been a waste of money 😂😂 I don't support EA at all anymore

sprinterboy57d ago

3 years now without buying a EA game although I'm being forced to buy fifa 20 as I can't let me little 7 year old nephew down as he wants me to play fifa with him.
I literally contemplated trying to explain to him why I won't buy fifa lol, then I thought he's 7 lol.

Servbot4157d ago

Almost all EA games are a waste of money anyway.

rand057d ago

those were EXACTLY the games i first thought of & the only reason i clicked on this article to check if they were available. ok good to know, i will move on, continue with my day & chuckle to myself having hope that EA would have gotten something right

derektweed156d ago

I'm pretty sure those are available on the Xbox One version of EA Access.

Da12RespectA56d ago

They are on the xbox so I'm sure it's on par as well

trooper_56d ago

Yeah, not subscribing to this junk.

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Profchaos57d ago

Basically like the article suggests you lose out on lots of backwards compatible EA titles as last gen games won't be making an appearance.
It's library is also taken up largely by sports titles which includes previous iterations of said titles FIFA 14 anyone?

But ultimately it's not great value and the cost of some of the single player games on the list you might consider picking up like mass effect can be had for $7 on a psn sale which is basically the same as a month sub and can probably be finished in one to two months for most players.

chiefJohn11756d ago (Edited 56d ago )

1 game $7
20+ games $5, and 10% discount if you wanted to buy that game. And play upcoming releases 2 weeks early and you say $5 not a good value?.... Come again?

If must kill y'all to admit a sub can be a great value

Profchaos56d ago

Sure if you would like to play every single iteration of FIFA and Madden you'll get great value from it.
Most people however will probably only play the latest from those franchises plus there's only a handful of non sports games and not all of them are worth playing

Juusterey57d ago

now i can get more crap? oh boy !

BenRC0157d ago

Game pass is good value with cheap cdkeys codes, ea access is only good if you have young kids who like to play lots of different things. £20 a year is pennies too, worth that just to get the game trials.

Taz X1457d ago

I would agree that game pass is decent... On Xbox. I got the dollar for a month of game pass on pc and I would argue it wasn't worth it.

Metro exodus on the windows store is broken, as is gears ultimate edition, gears 4 is dead (and the single player is ok at best), dead rising 4 is the worst of the series and a huge glitch fest, crackdown 3 feels like a storyless version of saints row 4, sea of thieves is bland (especially without a group), there's a ton of mobile indie games that are just wastes of time. Literally, the only worthwhile games are the forza games, meaning unless you're into racers, it's a waste of cash.

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The story is too old to be commented.