Alan Wake 2 was put on hold to make Control

From GameWatcher: "With the release of Control coming up relatively soon, and with Remedy regaining creative control over the Alan Wake IP, fans can't help but wonder - just what's up with all that, anyway? In a recent interview, Sam Lake of Remedy commented on this subject.

The bottom line of it all is that Alan Wake 2 wasn't far from a proper production phase a couple of times by now, though other projects kept coming in the way - Control being the latest in a long line of not-Alan Wake games."

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Jin_Sakai1409d ago

I’d much rather had Alan Wake 2. Something about control just doesn’t interest me at all.

darthv721408d ago

I like how it reminds me of QB. That is a fun game (sans the live tv stuff). AW2 is coming... I got a pretty good feeling about that.

Parasidious1408d ago

...and the fact that you could 100% complete QB in around 13 hours including the "live tv stuff". Just the overall lack of content. QB had potential, but the end product was pretty meh.

1408d ago
gamer78041408d ago

I'm not nearly as interested in control. I think its the office setting and lack of supporting characters. Alan wake had an entire town and interesting characters. Alanwake also had a significant other that made the goal of the protagonist more real. I just havent seen any of that from control, it seems like a game that was developed quickly using physics and game play derived from quantum break.

mandingo1408d ago

QB is way more interesting than this game honestly

criticalkare1409d ago

Please make AW2 after control

gangsta_red1408d ago

It's always funny how these guys keep saying they want to make an Alan Wake 2 but always seem to put the project on hold for something else.

Summons751408d ago

Well before MS owned Alan Wake so they literally couldn't. Now they own it and can once they get Control out. I really hope they do, maybe an Alan Wake remaster on current-gen consoles or just wait to release both on next-gen consoles. Either way, I hope they do make Alan Wake 2.

Petebloodyonion1408d ago

And why weren't they able to make Aw2?
I don't recall Sam Lake mentioning we would love to do it but we need money or MS don't want a sequel to this game.

gangsta_red1408d ago

According to the article they always had concepts and early makings for an Alan Wake 2 but then they kept turning into other games that Remedy made. I do think apart of it could have been due to MS but they seem to always say in each article about AW2 that they have ideas but will get to it later and after their current project.

IRetrouk1407d ago

The devs deff put the blame on ms last year, loads of articles about it, ms also put the blame on remedy, probably a bit of both.

Petebloodyonion1407d ago

I'm sure you have some source for these numerous articles.
I'm a big fan of Alan Wake and since American Nightmare Sam Lake has been vocal about needing the proper story and the proper concepts because they want to give the justice due to the cult following.

They often mentioned that several ideas were created for the sequel but ended up in other game due to not being what they wanted.
They also show the concept for the sequel before it transformed into the American Nightmare.

Here the closest piece of an interview that could say that MS didn't want to fund a sequel

IRetrouk1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Well you couldn't have looked very hard, heres just the first one of many that use the same interview to talk about it,
Heres one from gamespot forum, it has the important parts from the interview highlighted for easy reading
Now if you would like, I can link to all the other sites that reported on it? Like I said, remedy blamed ms, and then ms blamed remedy, I'm also a big fan of remedys games, how does that take anything away from what the devs said though?

IRetrouk1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Heres some more, I found these in less than 30 secs,



And just for the record, I'm not trying to put ms or remedy down, I wanted an alan wake followup, but Like it or not, what I stated was true.

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darthv721408d ago

I enjoyed QB so it looks like I will enjoy control. And AW2 needs to happen, or at least a UHD remake of AW1.

BuildTheWall1408d ago

Quantum Break was decent from what I've heard , got an Xbox One from my mother as a Christmas the year the console was released & while I was saving money to get the Xbox One X , I got an Xbox One X as a Christmas gift from her year of release , 2017 I believe. I still haven't gotten around to playing Quantum Break , had / have too many games that I haven't finished. WTF?! Looked up Quantum Break size , over 150gb after updates & that was last year , I'm afraid to see how much space it takes with the enhanced updates

thatguyhayat1408d ago

These guys keep changing their story

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