Windows 7 knows where you are

CNET writes: "LOS ANGELES--Windows 7 has a new programming interface designed to make it a whole lot easier for software to figure out where in the world a PC and its user are located.

That should make it easier for a whole new range of location-based services from finding nearby friends to LoJack-like PC tracking programs. Even search could be a whole lot better if the search engine knew where you were. Indeed, searchers often enter their city with their location to try and get just that benefit."

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Sarick4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Yea yea, some features are nice. There are some cases where it's not acceptable. Now as a PC user Spyware can become really nasty. Lets say someone you know gets spyware on your system. With these features almost anyone can utilize PC tracking for dubious reasons.

I know that some tracking can already be done but, most of it is passive. What's being defined here is active tracking. Meaning that your system openly releases your location even when your not doing things that need to know your location.

Next thing you know they'll be putting tracking chips under our skin. Is this default built in tracking really necessary for all windows 7 PCs?

Hydrolex4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

No more Limewire and illegal downloading because you will get efd !

so Thanks to Microsoft for letting us know eariler, Windows 7 will fail live Vista

Sounds like I have to stick with XP for ever !!

4048d ago
Megaton4048d ago

Doesn't look like I'll ever be upgrading from XP...

psnDevistator3564047d ago

I still can't find anything better

Myst-Vearn4048d ago

I will stick with XP or a Mac

windows can burn in hell. MS needs to go out of business everything they do these days suck

4048d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.