Top 10 Most Satisfying Video Game Weapons of All Time, Ranked

Khayl writes:

"In games, some weapons are just so effortlessly satisfying to use that to just wield them is pure pleasure. Let's take a look at some of the most enjoyable examples."

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Sully524660d ago

Of all the weapons in super smash bros, you pick the bat lmao. I would probably add the hyper beam that you get at the end of Super Metroid to this list

darthv7260d ago

the hammer of dawn is one I always enjoy watching take down a brumack or corpser.

nucky6460d ago

most "satisfying"? easy, and it's a tie.
groovitron from jak and daxter
wunderwaffe dg-2 from cod black ops zombies

Segata60d ago

Cerebral Bore in Turok 2. Best gun ever just for how ridiculous it is.

SCW198260d ago

Every weapon from Bloodborne
Leviathan Axe

BlackDoomAx60d ago

Come to see if there are Doom's weapon in it. Sees 2. I'm satisfied, great article :)

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The story is too old to be commented.