Heavy Rain not before October 2009

Play3-Live found a job post where Quantic Dreams is looking for a tester on Heavy Rain.

The contract for this job ends in october 2009, which would mean that Heavy Rain will not ship before one year...

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Why o why4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

i think of HD no homo;)

on topic its a pity but it strengthens the latter end of 09

yoghurt4046d ago

but a tester can stay on after the launch, maybe DLC etc....bug fixes etc... yer its a sign, but we should wipe it off a summer release yet

ZmokeR4046d ago

Think something else?
I mean october 2009 is early for this game.
If you think about it, its already november now.
Soon december, and you ppl don't have to think about this game, WKC, FF,FFversus,Kz2, Zone of the enders 3 announcement ( i hope ) is all coming next year. So this 2009 year will be so awesome so i don't care if HR is coming in October :).

But one thing is certain and thats when this game is released it will look BETTER then what it does now :D

SSCOOLCHEA4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Take your time sony . we still have KZ2 and God war 3 .

zone of enders comes out its over .