Target Selling Nintendo Switch at $249.99

The major retailer Target has begun selling the Nintendo Switch at $249.99 (at least in Buffalo NY). Consumers will be able to swing by their local retailer and pick up a Nintendo Switch for $50 off its MSRP. We are guessing that Target is trying to clear out inventory for the upcoming refresh of the Nintendo Switch thus offering this great deal. The new, refreshed Nintendo Switch will feature a substantial increase in battery life and will retail for $299.99.

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PhoenixUp380d ago

I can’t believe Switch is over 2 years old yet it’s still so hard to find it on discount for $250 at many places

dotwithshoes380d ago

It's still selling at demand is the simple answer.

PhoenixUp380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

NES, PS1, PS2, GBA, DS, Wii & PS4 were also in as high a demand as well at this point in their lifecycles yet they still had price cuts and discounts

Gemmol380d ago

If you follow NPD reports switch is selling at a faster pace than all those systems you list even Wii but I think at this point Wii probably will start to our pace it even DS

So yes since it’s selling better than those other systems no need for price cut

averagejoe26379d ago

It's not selling better until it's at 100 million like ps4.

PhoenixUp379d ago

At the respective time of each & every one of those platform’s time on the market they were the fastest selling consoles and handhelds. They still had discounts and they also had price cuts. By your logic they should’ve stayed the same launch price for a long time

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Moonman380d ago

Making space for the new model SKU and the Switch Lite.....

King_Noctis380d ago

That is a really good deal.

miacosa379d ago

I'd spend the extra $50 for the new one.

EddieNX 379d ago

If you have a power bank , the added battery life doesn't add much. This is a great deal.

Peekayboo379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

It's not just battery life, When a chip gets a die shrink it increases performance, lowers power consumption and thermals. Also why save $50, when used switches are going to drop in price under $200 when the lite comes out

Sirk7x379d ago

Only reason to get older model would be hopefully it's not a bootrom patched version and is hackable.