Gear in the Machine : Behind the Scenes of Gears 5 Multiplayer

A new episode of Gear in the Machine is being debuted today by The Coalition to demonstrate the new mechanics in Gears 5 multiplayer.

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gangsta_red86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

1:37 cooooold bloooooded.

That's Gears for ya, you think you're being sneaky and bam, dead

Nu85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I'm playing the beta and it's feeling slower than 4. From my experience many complaints are with the wall bouncing feeling unresponsive and the movement feeling slower even at max settings. Hopefully the final build of the game is improved

DaMist84d ago

Weird, I felt player movement was faster than I didn't feel like such a tank anymore

darksoldier299084d ago

it Not have the Feel of Gears of war !