What Happened To Virtua Fighter?

It’s been a while since we got a new Virtua Fighter game. What’s going with the series?

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ApocalypseShadow695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Ask Sega. All of Yu's games haven't gotten updates. And they aren't helping to bring Shenmue 3 to console and PC. Spent most of their time on Sonic and Yakuza. Like they forgot the man that got them started. He was the "Miyamoto of Sega." Too many hits under hits belt.

VF is one of the best if not the best, technical fighters around based on real fighting styles. No supers, no finishers,etc. I wish there wasn't any juggling. It was fun as a videogame mechanic but I would like full realism for a fighting game. It's like adding nos to Gran Turismo. Would be fun. Just doesn't fit the realism Kaz wants in his game of winning through skill and perseverance.

I'm hoping for a new Sega surge of games in and out of VR and more respect for Yu and his properties. It's just not the same Sega I grew up with though.

As a side thing, Sega could have even updated Last Bronx to a modern fighter like Namco did with Soul Blade to Soul Calibur.
But they've sat on that too.


I 100% agree with what you said about VF. As someone who use to play VF5 at a high level I want nothing more than VF6 however, I’m scared to see what would happen to VF in this day and age of super meters, rage bars and 100 hit combos.

SierraGuy694d ago

Exactly...I love Tekken but I love VF a little bit more.

tulholdren694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Loved me some VF wish they would update the game i still remember my first Jeffery power bomb on VF 1.

PhoenixUp694d ago

What happened to a lot of Sega’s classic franchises?