Resistance 2: Good but not great

A Globe and Mail game reporter says he's having a hard time warming to Resistance 2's monster closets and invisible one-hit-kill enemies, especially in light of all of the terrific shooters he's already played this fall. From the story:

"I think I'm slowly getting a feel for the game. I'm certainly appreciative of the diversity of environments--I've already explored a misty redwood forest, a space craft, and the ruins of Chicago (perhaps the most beautifully rendered shooter level I've ever seen). And the spectacle of some of the towering, skyscraper-sized enemies I've gone up against is really something.

I'm not, however, so sure that I'll ever warm to the many ways in which Resistance 2 delivers instantaneous, virtually unavoidable death. I've never been a big fan of enemies that wield one-hit-kill weapons, monsters that leap out of closets in rooms you thought cleared, and invisible foes with claws capable of goring a player with a single swipe (though, admittedly, that last one is new to me)."

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4045d ago
Scotracer4045d ago

You're a c*nt. Anyone who spoils anything deserves to be stoned (not in the good way). If you did that in real life you'd definitely regret it.

ape0074045d ago

good but not great?

no it's amazing and great

LightningPS3PS34045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

It still sucks you have to play the story mode alone. I understand it has other co op and multi player modes, but what does that do for the story mode? It doesn't change that the story mode is less enjoyable.

I wonder how many people who replayed the original Halo in legendary thought it was so much more fun doing it alone than with friends. I think co op is what usually makes shooters fun. Every different person you play it through with, is like a different adventure.

Does anyone know if they're ruining Killzone 2 the same way?

Playing a FPS alone, like it's an adventure game like Metal Gear Solid. Doesn't work, because shooters don't have the deph in characters and storyline. They are usually pure fast paced action. So it's just stupid.

BrianC62344045d ago

I don't like how he says check next week for his final review of the game after he admitted he hasn't really played the game. A lot of Resistance 2 reviews have been mediocre. Good thing most people who like the series will just buy the game. The single player part of Resistance 2 seems mostly like a way to start playing. Then you get into the real game. Maybe he should just review the single player part and state that.

socomnick4045d ago

About time someone says it. Resistance 2 is by all means not a bad game, its just not a great game. ITs pretty average. comparable to other fps like the darkness or blacksite area 51.

gaffyh4045d ago

I prefer playing he single-player campaign alone usually. Also Resistance 1 had Offline Co-op single player, so maybe R2 does aswell? (dunno cos it's not out in UK yet :( )

BrianC62344045d ago

LightningPS3PS3 - Maybe you don't like that Insomniac didn't include multiplayer in the story mode but they said a lot of people complained about no co-op in the online game of Resistance so they put a lot into that mode. It takes a lot of time and work to make each mode and they probably just didn't want to spend that much on that mode. At least they had the single player mode.

LightningPS3PS34045d ago

Are they ruining Killzone 2 also? Cutting out the option to play through the game in 2 players?

Don't disagree, just answer the f*cken question please.

Liquid Dust4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

wow, unbelievable that you would even think of putting Blacksite Area 51 and Resistance 2 in the same sentence. In no way do they have similar qualities. Resistance 2 is a much bigger production and an all around quality piece of software. I have no idea what game youve been playing. Sure you didnt pick up Legendary instead by accident?

solidt124045d ago


I wouldn't trust anyone's oppinion who compares R2 to The Darkness or Blacksite area 51. socomnick clearly hasn't either played R2 or doesn't know much about FPS.

arika4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

i'm just probably 1/2 through the game but the only thing i can say is that this game will definitely be the FPS game of the year! everything is well the animation.... story gaming.... i haven't seen a shooter looking this good. it's way better than halo 3 or even call of duty 4 and that is a great feat to do because before this game came out call of duty 4 was my number 1 fps game, but this game is soo amazing that it just blows the competition out of the playing field...
believe me if you have a ps3 BUY THIS GAME... you won't regret it. it's worth every penny

Pennywise4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Lightning, are you bipolar? Did you just make a post yesterday apologizing for your reaction to R2 and you like it now?

It looked like my car could fly when I bought it. I never actually asked if it flew, I just assumed. I should of did some research cause I would of known it didnt fly. Oh well its my fault for buying it and not knowing what it did.

As far as socomnick... you are out of your mind. Dont be such a hater you downgrade a phenomenal game like R2 to Area 51. Act like you play games and not just with the hair gel and spray tan.

Mr_Bun4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I guess your name is more of sarcasm than anything if you think "fast paced action" is stupid. I really wish people would think before they typed sometimes. 'Cause there really is nothing like a slow paced FPS...especially when it is where you have time to talk about how much you hate the 4th grade in between reloading your musket.

That was such a moronic comment that I actually feel less intelligent for having responded to it!

arika4045d ago

this is your 10th account already, right? i believe you get paid to troll around all day and bash every ps3 game that you see... specially the amazing ones like resistance 2... the thing is you don't even own a ps3 soo all your comments doesn't count... stop living in your own world and face the facts.. even if it hurts.. say it with me R2 is the best... and thats the truth...

Pennywise4045d ago

R2 has some of the best fast paced no time to think action I have played in a shooter.

Lightning is trolling!

Mr_Bun4045d ago

The co-op is awesome, the single player campaign is sick...It is called "Variety". The only people downplaying R2 are people who haven't played it and are already biased against the PS3

Bonsai12144045d ago

lightning, do you feel the need to post that in EVERY r2 thread?

phosphor1124045d ago

Out of 21 reviews listed on game critics 14 of them were 90 and up, while Variety was the only one to score it the lowest (a 70). R2 is a great game IMO. I'm doing coop right now. Fun stuff.

The Killer4045d ago

Resistance 2 is a day one purchase when i can.

Mr_Bun4045d ago

Make it a won't regret it!!!

arika4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

metacritic can't be trusted... why? because they accept reviews from sites that have a direct relation to the competition(yeah its you variety)just like variety, ms owns it. and as i said before review sites can be rigged because of money, fanboyism, persuasion, loyalty and just being delusional(like lightningps3ps3). so don't take it seriously.. try the most trust worthy one's like ign, they are very credible. if not try it yourself then be your own judge and that is always better...

PimpHandHappy4045d ago

a average game would have a metric score of 7.5 or under!

Something like ummmmm 2Human

I love how you A$$CLOWNS think R2 is average

Doppy4045d ago

Those are stupid reasons not to truly like this game. Every game does something different to set it apart. You can say the same thing about every game he list. Gears doesn't let you collect as much stuff as Fallout 3, Fallout 3 doesn't have a cover system, and Dead Space can have limited ammo as well, even more so than Resistance.

Now if you flip none of those games have 8 player co-op or 60 player online, so it's all just a matter of preference.

ultimolu4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Don't care for this review because I LOVE THIS GAME. This game puts the I into intensity.

And have some nerve, and I mean SOME NERVE trying to talk down this game. You never played it first of all, and second of all you have been knowing for bashing the PS3 for God knows how long.


socomnick4045d ago

:/ sigh people still think I dont have a ps3. hehaha, I played and beat the first resistance, I was at a friends house and played res 2 up to the point where you kill that huge robot with the rocket launcher. The game is average but it is much better than resistance 1. Overall average though.

ultimolu4045d ago

You never played it.
Stop fooling everyone here.

Itrguy0014045d ago

is it cause u suk at playing single player wit computers as ur teammates? cause seriously man u got SRPA members helping u out Sentinals u run into and ammo all over the place.

pixelsword4044d ago

...The writer of the article has no skills.

sumguy814044d ago

he didn't praise a sony exclusive!!! OMG!!! HE MUST BE A FANBOY!!! OR...i've got it... MS bought him off. it has to be. it's impossible for anyone to just think Resistance (or any other sony exclusive) is just good...or okay.

vhero4044d ago

wait wasnt story mode confirmed to have 4 player co-op? i'm pretty sure this was a confirmed feature?

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vincentvegawchz4045d ago

I rushed out to buy this game, and don't get me wrong while the game mechanics, and campain is absolutly amazing/ graphics as well, there are way too many things ruining ONLINE gameplay, 1 when you are in a party, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into a Ranked match, while you are playing online you get on a kill streak or are doing semi good, and people randomly spawn right behind or in front of you, For example, I was playing skirmish running up with my shotgun to an enemy Chimera, and then readied my weapon to take the shot as I pull the R2, to blow him to peices being 2 feet away, Someone spawned right In between me and the enemy, and i killed the newely spawned chimera, and the other killed me, Fair? no, and that just touches the terrible spawn issues present in this game, While i Never EVVER liek to bash anything sony, the online mode is one of the worst i have ever played... Hands down.. Sorry IG and Sony.

Bazookajoe_834045d ago

Ive only heard praise about the online, reviwer who says that it is what put resistance 2 above other shooters. But then again taste is like youre butt, divided ;-)

I cant wait to get my hands on it :-)

billmo4045d ago

Funny... I know Im the odd one out, but I got into the beta and was really unimpressed by the online. I actually cancelled my preorder. That sucks because I thought the first one was amazing. Maybe COD4 just changed my perspective on how online shooters should be(my opinion).

Liquid Dust4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )


This game is excellent

Ted Price for Prez

ultimolu4045d ago

Word...although being a president and making awesome games will make him look like a zombie in need of coffee. x3

He'll need an army of secretaries. ^-^

sloth33954045d ago

the guy is only complaining because he sucks at the game he doesnt like that they made it harder and for a real gamer thats what makes it better the challange

joydestroy4045d ago

i agree. i love it but i let my brother play it and he sucks bad at it and dies constantly, so he doesn't like it either.

when i first popped it in, i was like meh.
but then i saw that gorgeous open scene in the beginning...blown away.

ultimolu4045d ago

Yeah, it's hard as crap but I love the challenge.
The game is GORGEOUS.