Top 5 Game Franchises that Deserve a New Entry

Establishing a new video game franchise is not easy. You can to create lore, develop strong characters, and continuously craft gameplay that keeps players engaged throughout the series. But some games franchises go dormant, either because their developers or publishers have moved on or simply get canceled. Some games shouldn't remain in the dark, some deserve a new installment. Here are 5 games franchises that deserve a new entry.

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DaDrunkenJester494d ago

I'd love to see a return of Resistance. Once you got over the fact it was supposed to be a "Halo Killer" and just took it at its face value, it was actually a pretty good series. Some ups and downs for sure, but I'd like to see its comeback.

snoopgg494d ago

Yeah I agree, Iiked that series and want a ps5 return . I wouldn't mind a new Socom and motorstorm.

DaDrunkenJester494d ago

Yes! I hope sony starts bringing back some more of their competitive online and co-op games.

shuvam09494d ago

I hope they announce a remake first...
Not a lot of people got to experience the series...
And let Bluepoint handle it like the Uncharted collection...
Similar to that collection, the first two games don't hold up by today's standards...

Retroman494d ago

I'm glad R-TYPE Final 2 coming

PiNkFaIrYbOi494d ago

The author should just give up on any ME game, Bioware is pretty much horrid these days. So I don't expect anything good to come out of them any time soon.