Killzone 2: CG vs realtime comparision shots.

Here are comparision shots between that infamous killzone 2 e3 2005 trailer and the recent gameplay footage.

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HighDefinition5698d ago

But UNBELIEVABLY it looks better.

The Haters.........GG did it.

Why o why5698d ago (Edited 5698d ago )

a slightly different art style but i agree. Some of the technical effects are much much better in the real game where other aspects like the ones u mentioned are not. truth be told Im impressed and have seen nothing like it in quality on console yet

Jamie Foxx5698d ago (Edited 5698d ago )

looking that washed out though so its hard to compare....

however,GG have done an amazing job graphically no question

SL1M DADDY5698d ago

Just got Killzowned. Man they have hit the mark with the visuals in this game and it is not even gold yet!

jtucker785698d ago

And now we have to see if the GOW3 in game footage looks as good as the CGI trailer.
I doubted Sony would pull it off with Killzone 2, but they have.

Now give us GOW3 in game!

verb3k5698d ago (Edited 5698d ago )


Nathaniel_Drake5698d ago

Yeah I think they made the movement a little too real, which some people like, but when playing the game it is just as good as that trailer and the gameplay videos people have been seeing are spot on amazing graphics especially in the sunny area of the academy map that is just amazing graphics, its COD 4 ratcheted up to the next 2 levels!!!

marinelife95698d ago

Even the multiplayer looks downright ridiculous. But shooting the guns themselves is pure bliss. Because of the blood, sound and physics reaction to the bullets firing a FPS gun never felt better.

gaffyh5698d ago

What I remember from the real-time trailer vs the old CG trailer, the real-time trailer was better in every way except the smoke effects (of when the plane get's shot down).

These look good though, and I prefer the new grey style over the old browny (sepia) style

MNicholas5698d ago

The CG had better animation and particle effects.

Also, KZ2 is probably the best looking game in the universe but that's meaningless without good gameplay and the jury is still out on that one.

King_many_layers5698d ago

to be honest I prefer the look of how the game is now too, Love the colours of the picture with Rico and the last pic ( in real time ) also the game really does seem to be looking fantastic ( I say this as an onlooker whose unfortunate to have not played the beta )

This comparison to me seems highly flawwed as most of the real time scenes are from offscreen so the colours clearly are different, but the textures still look top notch and the lighting is fantastic. This lighting engine is truly fantastic, I've watched alot of videos and there's hardly a jagged edge on any of the shadows being cast dynamically.

sirbigam5698d ago

Been waiting since 2005 for this game it's gonna be sick. Ahh man Great games just take too long. Brace yurselfs PS3's will be flying of the shelves by 360 converts. That day will come!

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Munky5698d ago

PS3 owners have been waiting for this game since that 2005 trailer was released, 123 developers, 23 million dollars, 4 years of development...this game will not disappoint.

ablecain5698d ago

Seriously? Where did you get that figure?

Munky5698d ago

"There are more than 135 developers in the Netherlands working on the game at the moment. The new Killzone 2 will be fully translated in 20 different languages. It is believed that the budget currently surpasses £20 million ($41million), which is comparable to a small-budget Hollywood picture and is the most expensive multimedia project in Holland's history (this has yet to be confirmed).[citation needed] It will have downloadable content like other contemporary games, possibly in the form of episodic content."



Sarcasm5698d ago

"£20 million ($41million"

So it's not $23 million, it's $41 million.

thewhoopimen5698d ago

That's an older tidbit from 2007. The cost ballooned in jan. and is estimated to have hit up to $60-65 million already.

phosphor1125698d ago

I THOUGHT (I'd have to look it up again) there was over 200 people on their team now and its clear over the 20 million mark. Because that 20 million mark was stats from over 6 months ago.

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jkhan5698d ago

The lightening in the game is absolutely perfect. Graphics as a whole are top notch. But these images doesn't show the game's strongest asset. Its animation system is by far I have seen in any game. Its equal to what CGI video had if not better. Plus the game recreates the rush and chaos which was in the CG trailer. Anybody still doubting is simply a hater.

Nathaniel_Drake5698d ago

Yeah when you kill a guy they writhe when they hit the floor and they animate wherever your bullets hit, and a head shot feels like a head shot because of the extra animation they put in

Exquisik5698d ago

I was playing the beta couple of nights ago, and I experienced one of the best headshot animation ever. One guy from the ISA were running across the middle of the map (forgot the map name, but it's one big building), so I put my gun into scope view and shot him in the head. The bullet went through his head, blood were spewing out of his head, and his body just flew back and landed on the ground. But it didn't just landed, I actually saw his arms waving and his body bounced a little bit before laying still on the ground. Amazing animation, amazing physics, amazing graphic!

baum5698d ago

Did you see the explosions in the first trailer? THose were unreal. So was the facial animation. So the animation in general and the level of detail, the fire....

Killzone 2 is definitely the most impressive game in terms of graphics and it did come close in many aspects, but on others it pales in comparison. You can't beat CGI which is not real-time with real-time footage, because it will always be three steps ahead. Perhaps by PS6 era games will be indistinguishable from CGI cut-scenes. Or maybe PS5, unless PS4 is not just two PS3s duct-taped together.

na2ru15698d ago (Edited 5698d ago )

Real-time footage is a lot more sharper so therefore, it looks like a polygonal game environment in comparison to [ANY] CGIs. (not that Killzone has blocky looks, not at all)

Maybe if you blur the videos and screenshot of realtime, you may see it LOOK LIKE CGI :)

the only thing unsurpassed is fire....and maybe the hair styles..

ud5698d ago

The explosions are SO REALISTIC! This game has by FAR the best effects ever created.