3 Series That Need Reviving

What do Brütal Legend, Bully, and Rainbox Six: Vegas have in common? In Cog's opinion, they are three series that need reviving.

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BlackIceJoe1242d ago

I doubt it will happen, but I'd enjoy seeing a new No One Lives Forever game. That is one game series that has huge potential if it was to return.

AK911242d ago

100% Agree but who would be the developer? Monolith studios just makes Shadows of Mordor these days.

BlackIceJoe1240d ago

I know they have talked about wanting to make a new one before, but seeing as they don't own the publishing rights, but Fox they can't, may be now that Disney owns Fox, WB could work out a deal to buy the rights though.

AK911242d ago

Would love a Bully 2, the first game was amazing.