Interview: Lee Mather, director of F1 2019, talks new features

Hey racers! Take your eyes off the track for a second and check out this interview with Lee Mather, game director of Codemasters’ F1 2019!

F1 2019 is coming close on the heels of F1 2018 (released in August 2018, a mere ten months ago) and we wanted to know what’s different and what players can expect.

Why is the next F1 game coming out so soon? F1 2018 still feels very new to me.

It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and having a second team working on the game has made it possible as we’ve been able to spend more time on the game development.

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Discussing Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, The Spiritborn Class & Staying Fresh After 27 Years

CGMagazine got to sit down with Rod Fergusson and the Game Director for Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, Brent Gibson, about the franchise and the new Spirtborn class.

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Mysterious Nintendo Teaser Emio May Not Be Related To Bloober, Rating Reveals Some Details

The mysterious new teaser from Nintendo, Emio, might not be related to developer Bloober Team, based on the latest information.

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Deliver Us Home Q&A - KeokeN Talks Studio Layoffs, Kickstarter Campaign, and Life as a Small Indie

Wccftech talked to KeokeN Interactive founder Koen Deetman about the studio's next project, Deliver Us Home, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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