UK Charts: Super Mario Maker 2 scores third consecutive No.1

Super Mario Maker 2 continues to hold off Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled with its third consecutive No.1 in the UK physical charts.

The only other new entry in the chart is Hollow Knight at No.34. The game is also a Switch and PS4 release, with 66% of sales coming on the Switch.

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Gemmol441d ago

When Nintendo do well in any sales chart the comment section become quiet.

Crazy part about them taking number 1 is that nintendo doing this without including digital sales number

So right now Mario maker 2 number 1 just base off physical sales

While every other game have digital sales and sales from each version added together for example crash racing sales have ps4 Xbox and switch sales added altogether with digital sales.........and still Mario maker took number 1

Give Mario props not a Mario fan buts it’s amazing with physical sales alone it beat every other game on the list that includes digital sales and sales from more than one system added together and still Mario maker take number 1

This Nintendo japan 🇯🇵 on lockdown, they got America on lock 🔒 for 7 months in a row.........they locking down Europe too

Knushwood Butt441d ago

'a very quiet week for games retail'.

440d ago