Dragon Quest IX Remake could happen on Nintendo Switch

To this day, Dragon Quest IX remains a Nintendo DS exclusive title. However, the team behind the game has made comments suggesting that a Dragon Quest IX remake is possible.

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PhoenixUp825d ago

I see no reason why a DQIX remake couldn’t also be on PS4 as well as Switch

Gemmol825d ago

Why would you want it on ps4 I have a switch and ps4 and it would be perfect on switch

It’s not final fantasy to need high end graphics plus always sold better on Nintendo

Mr Marvel825d ago

@Gemmol - Why? Because the PS4 version is ALWAYS far superior to the Switch version. Better Frame rates, better resolution and most importantly... TROPHIES!!!

Gemmol824d ago

@mr marvel

If the game is being made ground up for the switch it won’t have frame issues or resolution issues so your point do not stand

Your point only work if they made it for the ps4 version first than ported to switch

The developers want to make it on switch so the game would be ported to ps4 if they made it so all these things you bring up have more effect on the switch

PhoenixUp825d ago

Because I only have a PS4 😑

How would this game being suited for Switch discredit it from also having a PS4 version? A number of Dragon Quest games nowadays release on PS4 & NS, why stop there with a possible DQIX remake?

Gemmol824d ago

Original was on Nintendo only so I can see why they would pick switch only, but I can see why you want it now, not everyone have switch and ps4 like me so hopefully they make a ps4 version for you but at least give the switch some exclusive features if they plan to port to ps4 like being able to play in 2d like the original DS version or whatever

Last_Boss825d ago

I really want X brought to NA & EU.

Gemmol825d ago

Me too what system would u want it on

Last_Boss825d ago

I'd want it on PS4 & Switch, like it is in Japan. I would buy it on PS4, cause of friends and performance.

ZeekQuattro825d ago

I'd be game for that. It was fun having a team of DBZ characters running around. Lol