PS5 And Xbox Scarlett’s SSD Will Have Biggest Impact On Open World Games, Says Exception Dev

Game developers continue to be excited by one of the most promising aspects of next gen consoles.

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Jin_Sakai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

BREAKING NEWS: Open World Games Will Benefit Most From SSD.


TheCaptainKuchiki9d ago

Gamingbolt is such a cringe website.

TheColbertinator9d ago

Another spine tingling fantastic headline from Gamingbolt

thejigisup9d ago

Of course the effect will be significant on open world games however I'm more excited to see if devs will utilize this to dynamically load levels that feature different assets, mechanics, and systems in linear games.

FallenAngel19849d ago

Wonder if I’ll still be able to use my external 4TB HDD. Idk how big storage will be next gen but I bet they’ll start us off at a paltry size

Sgt_Slaughter9d ago

500GB SSD is what I'm betting on, maybe a 1TB SSD but I doubt it. I really hope there's a secondary 2TB HDD or bigger to compensate that way you can move things back and forth based on what you're playing at the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.