CoG is Worried About The Elder Scrolls VI

Culture of Gaming wants the Elder Scrolls VI to blow us all away. But, nothing that we have seen Bethesda produce recently has filled us with hope.

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Lionsguard10d ago

Elder Scrolls 6 probably isn't even in full production since they said their priority was Starfield first and we still haven't seen anything yet.

victorMaje10d ago

Be it Starfield or ES6 they need to make sure they don’t go the way of Fiasco76...

AK9110d ago

I'm not but I never cared for the series so it wont bother me at all.

harmny10d ago

Why are you worried for something that will release in 2025

SyntheticForm10d ago

Me too, I'm scared.

How far off is this game?

locomorales10d ago

How I wish my concerns were about gaming.

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