What Happened To Fable?

What’s going with Microsoft’s premium franchise?

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Ristul6d ago

It died when Phil closed down Lionhead studios.

Segata5d ago

It died with the Kinect game. It was on shaky ground after 3.

killswitch805d ago

They should of used the ground work and assets for the multiplayer game they made and took it over to a single player or co op rpg...I actually played the beta and I really enjoyed it ...I mean if State of Decay 2 was a hit than this should of done extremely well.

TheHateTheyGive5d ago

I loved fable, beat all 3 back then, great series that phil killed.

Immorals5d ago

Aren't Playground making one?

traumadisaster5d ago

Love this franchise, I recently put my fable 2 disc in the x1x to see the 4K and it looked magical compared to my first play on 360.

Back when fable3 released I had built a pc and it was so pretty like next gen compared to the 360.

I would really like to see fable anniversary in 8k, that’s probably a low resource enough game to be played in 8k on pc, even at 30fps.

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