Punishment shouldn’t be the point in ‘Super Mario Maker 2’

The Blade's Will Harrison: Depending on what country you’re from, Super Mario Bros. 2 isn’t Super Mario Bros. 2. The story is important to know if we’re going to dig into Super Mario Maker 2 and the zeitgeist of punishment that has made the Maker series popular.

Once upon a time, Nintendo didn’t think gamers wanted a hard Mario game.

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PhantomS42671d ago

Nope, I downvote the troll levels and will like any of the well thought out and designed levels. Be creative, troll levels are garbage.

HarrisonBlade671d ago

I really just wish it was easier to find levels at this point. I feel like that's more of a struggle than it should be.

PhoenixUp670d ago

So many people make levels hard for the sake of hard rather than being enjoyable