Metroid Maker Should Be Next to Get a Super Mario Maker Treatment

Super Mario Maker has been a great series for Nintendo, but it is time to move on. How about a Metroid Maker? That would be interesting! Check out Jason Capo’s thoughts for more.

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iplay1up2415d ago

I hope Nintendo brings back real dungeons in BOTW 2!

deleted415d ago

Metroid certainly would be cool, but 100% Zelda dungeon maker should be the priority! It makes the most sense!

Jeriphro415d ago

The only issue with Zelda, for me, is that it won't have the same freedom of styles that Mario Marker has. Zelda 1, LttP, and the Game Boy ones could all possibly work, but Zelda also has a lot of 3D games. I guess if you limited the styles to Original Zelda, LttP, Minish Cap, and Link's Awakening, that could work. That's four different styles for a dungeon maker, but I think a Metroid Maker is closer to Mario and would probably be easier to make.

deleted414d ago

@Jeriphro Mario Maker drew mostly from its 2D roots, so I take no issue with a 2D only Zelda Maker. However, they also translated Mario 3D World elements into the 2D space, so I wouldn't mind that they do something similar with overhead Zelda games using more modern 3D elements too. A Link to the Past Remake shows how nice 3D elements can be implemented into the standard overhead Zelda view.

2D Zeldas were the games I grew up on anyways, A Link to the Past being one of my favorite games of all times! They halfway attempted a creator within the Links Awakening remake, but I'd like to see a fully realized creator. Of course though, Super Metroid was also once of my favorite games of all times so I'm dying to see a Metroid maker too. ;)

DethWish415d ago

Metroid Maker is a sweet idea

Knightofelemia415d ago

I'd go either for Metroid Maker a Zelda Maker would also be great even a Mario Kart Maker as well.


Metroid Dread Has Sold Over 3 Million Copies, Reveals Developer

Enric Álvarez, the CEO of Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam, has revealed that the title has now sold over three million copies worldwide.

jaymacx55d ago

It’s good to see Metroid do well. Hopefully we hear something soon about Metroid Prime 4

Hereandthere55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Wait up, 3 million worldwide out of a possible 120 million is considered good for a legendary franchise like metroid?

JEECE55d ago

Metroid has never sold super well. Lots of people under under the mistaken impression that, because franchises like Mario Kart, Smash Bros., 3D Mario games, more recent Zelda games, and Animal Crossing sell huge numbers, that all Nintendo franchises sell at that level, and that they always have.

This is pretty good for a Metroid. Dread will probably end up being the best-selling game in the franchise, if it isn't already.

Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Metroid Prime was said to have sold 2.8 million copies, so Dread is likely the best selling game in the series.

Rebel_Scum54d ago

Not everyone is a metroid freak ho ho ho

MetroidFREAK2154d ago

@Rebel_scum *squidward laugh*

ZeekQuattro55d ago

It took some doing but I'm glad it finally made it past that milestone.

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Metroid Dread E.M.M.I. figma release date, new photos, pre-orders open

Metroid Dread cans can now pre-order the E.M.M.I. figma. It also now has a release date and some new photos.

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F those emmi's lol just beat the purple one.


Super Metroid | Games To Play Before You Die

Even if you haven’t played Nintendo’s 1994 masterpiece Super Metroid, chances are you’ve at least played something inspired by it.

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AirRevenant248d ago

One of the best games ever made, still.