Blazing Chrome Review (TheSixthAxis)

If the speed metal rock band ‘DragonForce’ were a video game, that video game would be Blazing Chrome. It’s loud, it’s chaotic and you’ll struggle to keep up as it speeds towards an explosive conclusion. Though you can’t fail at listening to music – barring a tragic ear-related accident with a hedge trimmer – you can fail at Blazing Chrome. And you will. Many, many times.

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Imortus_san10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Taken from site:
- Some poor collision detection
- Double jump power up is vital for survival
- Combat roll is rubbish
- It's so HARD!!!!!"

Someone is a weak player.

VTKC10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

hard?! Its easy compared to the old Contra games. I bet whoever that idiot who said that dont even know what contra is.

Edit: Adrian Burrows is the idiot. Better stick to your Fortnite and CODs. and leave the retro stuff alone because clearly you need your hand holding through your gaming.