Facebook’s Next Oculus Push Includes Exclusive Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell VR Games

Facebook is making a brand new push for the Oculus Rift with brand new exclusive licensing deals that will bring popular titles to the platform in brand new games

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Lelo34231d ago

Oh no. No no no no no no no

Apocalypse Shadow231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

First thing I thought. But then I thought Ubisoft is all about the Benjamin's. They have supported PSVR. But upfront money makes them think twice .

Guess Espire 1 will have to fit the bill. Never bought an assassin's creed game to worry about that one.

If they're going to be like that, then Sony doesn't need to be giving them free experiences like Spider-Man. And counter attack with more exclusives. Like no Iron Man. I'd lock up more.

Neonridr231d ago

so you are basically suggesting Sony do exactly what you are trying to champion against.. makes total sense.

Apocalypse Shadow230d ago

If they're going to war to try and become the dominate headset, then Sony needs to fight fire with fire.

Just like last generation when Microsoft had 3rd party exclusive dlc, etc. Sony beat the snot out off them this generation to show that they can do it too. Not only is Sony the leader, it shows that they can fight just as well.

I don't mind exclusives when you make them. When you purchase 3rd party franchises to keep it from other platforms, then it's war and fair game.

-Foxtrot230d ago

They finally had something Splinter Cell related and it was Elite Squad for Mobile

They now do this...

Ubisoft are arseholes, why do we keep supporting the same copy and pasted games like Assassins Creed and WatchDogs thinking each time will be different when they aren't at it's core. I really hope no one supports Beyond Good and Evil 2 because that's not another franchise I wanted ruined.

All we want is a new Prince of Persia game, Rayman 4 (3D Platformer), Splinter Cell and a proper Beyond Good and Evil game.

bovandy230d ago

While I sorta agree, if this is a fully functional, LONG form VR game, it could be really, really good

Neonridr231d ago

would be awesome climbing and jumping across buildings as Ezio.. or sneaking into a base and using all sorts of tech as Sam Fisher.

bovandy231d ago

The idea of being Sam Fisher is what makes this really attractive to me

Iltapalanyymi231d ago

i wanted a new splinter cell for so long and THIS is what we get?
oculus should make their apps and games widely available on other headsets too

Neonridr230d ago

they are the ones footing the bill, so understandable why they would want people to use their hardware to enjoy it.

Ratchet75230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

After playing blood'n'truth, I can positively say that playstation does''t need ubisoft to make PSVR a success.
From I heard, the idea for ps5vr is to get as many ps5 games playable in vr from the get go.

bovandy230d ago

This is Oculus VR. Not PSVR

DivoJones230d ago

Don't see Assassins Creed working in VR unless they do a spin-off that dramatically changes how you play the game. Assassins creed is fast paced with rapid climbing, running, jumping... which tend to result in motion sickness. So it won't work like Skyrim or Borderlands 2, those games have little verticality to them. You're usually just walking forward and turning slightly left and right or teleporting to static points with an occasional ladder. Splinter cell has a better shot at working, but like any game it'll come down to how well they execute the design and gameplay.

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