Bungie Myths Debunked!

That Gaming Site writes: "Theres been plenty of talk recently about Bungie branching off, being bought out, etc. We here at That Gaming Site were rather embarrassed such facts were spread around the Internet with little to no research to back them up, let's clear things up, shall we?"

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Stryfeno25434d ago

There you go...This article explains things perfectly. Gears 2 here I come.

*Logs out*

Zerodin5434d ago

Sorry Droids.
No I'm not.

Ps3Fanboy7775434d ago

The fact that we even hear talk about Halo and what not on Ps3 is VERY interesting.

This whole story has been rathering interesting. Truthfully id take gears over halo if i had a choice. Halo sucks.

Ichiryoka5434d ago

Why does sony need a game like halo when they have killzone 2, R2, Bioshock series which has recently been added, the COD Series which is multi platform as well, SOOO Who needs Bungie??? Ohhh right my fault, microsoft does.

Xelai5434d ago

The sad thing about this is that the original sentences are completely taken out of context from the original interview, when in the interview it talks about who it is possible for Bungie to separate more and more along the road from Halo, the article approved in this site turns it into Bungie and Microsoft.


Sitdown5434d ago

The games you named are good and all.......but if Sony could get a game that has the same selling power of Halo.....would you want them to turn it down?

Forbidden_Darkness5434d ago

@ article:

1. But for how long will Microsoft keep publishing them and if they keep publishing them forever and drop out of the console war they could still be multiplatform?

2. Yeah, im sure sony was never even thinking of buying them, they have enough first party developers anyways.

3. Of course, Microsoft owns the rights to Halo, no way it would ever let that go.

4. obviously Microsofts not going to state how long the deal is for.

"So their you have it, of course this doesn’t necessarily mean Bungie won’t go multiplatform, their could be something we missed completely. All we can say is until that day, get your facts straight!"

Exactly, they gave no solid proof that Bungie wont go multiplatform at some point and just because Microsoft has a share in them doesnt mean they couldnt mean they wont make a game on another platform, just look at Rare for example, their a first party and still made a DS game.

Odion5434d ago

Rare makes DS games with MS IP's because MS allows them to, it gets the IP out there more, and brings in extra money.

Elven65434d ago

Sadly, their are people out their (even on N4G) who think all of that is plausible.

thebudgetgamer5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

isnt this article speculating just as much as the other.
all im saying is i have much respect for the work bungie does and would love to see one of their games at the very least go multi and if not i plan on buying a 360 anyways


Elven65433d ago

Its not speculation, its fact :) They took their sources straight "from the horses mouth" in a sense (aka their press releases)

Sitdown5431d ago

"Sadly, their are people out their (even on N4G) who think all of that is plausible."

I am not trying to be the grammar police, but both usages of "their" you were wrong...you need to use "there"

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Foliage5434d ago

I agree Halo will not be on the PS3, but what is this crappy site?

The guy can't even spell "there". He got it wrong twice.

Here is a quote:
"So their you have it, of course this doesn’t necessarily mean Bungie won’t go multiplatform, their could be something we missed completely. All we can say is until that day, get your facts straight!"

Is this "writer" 14? Get your spelling straight!

steveg25645434d ago

Those were the only ones you found? :-)

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Redgrave95d ago

Kind of a shoot yourself in the foot before the race starts kind of statement. I've yet to see the crowd excited for GaaS titles. I've seen the hype for this fizzle out and die on discovery it was a GaaS after reveal.

A tall order to claim and live up to, with so many (myself included) sick of the extreme nickel and diming the industry has now.

bababooiy95d ago

Its not so much that people are tired its that most already commited so much money and time into some of these games they rather stick to that. Which is why all these new live service games fail miserably, weve seen literally dozens of fairly hyped new titles get shut down this year.
Its unrealistic to expect people to even have enough money to just be dumping hundreds of dollar on skins in multiple titles like that.

S2Killinit95d ago

I highly doubt that this is failing though. Its Bungie, game looks to be exciting with plenty of quality, and this is the maker of Halo, and Destiny we are talking about. I’m going on a limp and guessing that it will be another success for them.

BrainSyphoned95d ago

Sony bought Bungie to make live service and help advise their other live service games in development. What led you to believe it was going to be something else?

King_Noctis95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

But why does it have to be live service though? That is the real question. This game could have easily be a single player+multiplayer game in a whole and complete package. If it is done well, who knows, it could even be the COD’s replacement that Sony is looking for.

JEECE95d ago


Unfortunately if it was a standard 2000s-style single player+ multiplayer game, the community would be whining three weeks after launch that there isn't enough support and that they sent the game out to die. People have been so trained on live service games now that they can no longer play a multiplayer game because it's fun. It has to be about the progression system, skins, characters, and changing maps.

CrimsonWing6995d ago


Read this and you’ll see why:


It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s all about the money. Ol’ Jimbo is doubling down hard on this sh*t.