The Batman: Arkham Collection is Officially Announced

After being so heavily rumoured, the Batman: Arkham Collection was announced by Rocksteady Marketing Manager, Gaz Deaves.

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criticalkare643d ago

Whats the point of this collection?

Neonridr643d ago

to milk the userbase once again.

littletad643d ago

Milk the system is correct. I'm not currently seeing the Arkham Knight complete or deluxe collection being sold, but it is added to the collection of all three games.

AlexMuncatchy642d ago

pretty much. Rabid fans will see the word "collection" and Rocksteady knows that people who froth at the idea of getting something as part of a "collection".

I adore the Arkham games, but man....My only question is, what the hell took them so long?
If this came out like a year or so after Knight, that might make sense, but these games have been MASSIVELY discounted since then.

Tross643d ago

I guess if people still haven't played these games, there are three of them in this collection. I mean, they really should play these games if they can. For the majority, this is pointless, unless having a steelbook case is that big a deal to some people. It might look nice on a shelf. It's not really for those of us who have all the games in the series.

Tross643d ago

@SolidGear3 That's based on the UK leak. I'm assuming it will be a steelbook for NA too, but all I know about is the UK release.

AlexMuncatchy642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I only made a fuss to buy one steelbook in my life, and that was the one for Mad Max: Fury Road. The thing is absolutely gorgeous.

AK91643d ago

Hopefully they will use money from this to fund their next game, IO did this with HITMAN 2 and all the collections they released.

PhoenixUp643d ago

Wow what a surprise I never would’ve thought this was actually a thing 😑

darthv72643d ago

To me the Arkham collection encompasses Origins, Asylum, City, Knight and even Blackgate. Yet what I'm reading is it is only Asylum, City and Knight and even then they arent the full complete games as there is still some downloading to be done.

Almightsponge643d ago

All three were on sale on psn last month for $12 NZD As a bundle.. i feel sorry for the people that buy this

BuildTheWall642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I'd rather pay $30 - $40 USD for physical bundle than 12 NZD for digital bundle. My house has been busted into before & since that incident , all my computers , storage devices , computer/game console software , game consoles , sports cards , bluray / 4k bluray , etc. have been store in fire / water resistant safes , all safes made to protect electronics , memory & software , may not be cheap , but it's still cheaper than everything being stolen. All safes are bolted to my floor & one thing that's never been stolen are my firearms since they've been locked inside of fire resistant safes & then locked inside of anothe fire resistant safe & then bolted to the floor. Safes protecting the firearms come to a total weight of 1,500 pounds before being loaded down with firearms , have separate safes for ammunition , not going to risk someone stealing my firearms & killing someone or themselves. May have gone off topic , but when I get talking about a topic , my ADD kicks my a** & I can't stop talking about the subject at hand or whatever I'm talking about & unfortunately any ADD meds they've tried me on have negative effects.

feenix-5643d ago

Keep that Blackgate bulls#!+ out of there

hades07642d ago

Agreed, its a Rocksteady collection, not Arkham collection without those games.

FallenAngel1984643d ago

If they’re going to release something like this they might as well have included Batman: Arkham Origins as well

Personally I enjoyed Origins over Knight

mafiabrett642d ago

I'll go one further, Arkham Origins is the best of the series. Out of all the games Arkham Origins feels the most connected to the original Animated Batman series and the comic world with how it portrayed it's story. Arkham Asylum does this very well to.

But Arkham City and Knight? Those two feel more disconnected from the source material to me. Maybe that's a good thing for some people. I however love it when playing Origins and Asylum, getting major nostalgia to wanna rewatch the Animated series xD

Gwiz642d ago

So much this,the X-mas atmosphere is very well done in Origins.

TeamIcoFan643d ago

And once again Origins is overlooked.
Fuck you Rocksteady, you give us that utterly disappointing finale with Arkham Knight and won't even remaster the only game in the series that did boss fights well.

BrettAwesome642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Maybe because Rocksteady didn't make Origins, you fuckwit

CorndogBurglar642d ago

So what? Rocksteady had another studio make it so they could focus on the main sequel at the time. It still clearly uses all of Rocksteady's mechanics, gameplay, and features.

Also, this isn't a Rocksteady Batman Collection. It's called the Batman Arkham Collection. Origins is a part of the story. It should be included.

BrettAwesome642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Rocksteady did not make that decision. Warner did. I don't care what it's called. You still can't blame rocksteady for something that has nothing to do with them. Now get your flappy ass back to school!

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