Does Apple understand gamers better than Google does?

Apple will release Apple Arcade, Google will release Stadia. Both are subscription gaming services, but which one is here to serve gamers?

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derektweed1101d ago

"Nowadays, a flagship phone is more powerful than your mid-tier laptop."

That doesn't sound right to me

Eonjay100d ago

it definitely doesn't sound right to me either. I am running an i56300 on HD Graphics 520 for work and I am absolutely sure it beats my Galaxy phone.

mixelon100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Depends how you define mid-tier, but spec-wise it’s pans out based on how well games perform at 1080p and the speed of things like 4k video export on iPads (which share similar cpu/gpu to the XS et al.) there are loads of articles on this, it started a couple of years ago.

My iPhone 8+ absolutely annihilates my 2014 i7 laptop with dedicated (GT 650M/1GB) graphics, it’s comical.

derektweed199d ago

your 2014 laptop is 3 years older than an iPhone 8+

the iPhone 8+ was $850 at relaese, there is no way a laptop from 2017, costing $850 at release is being out performed by an iPhone.

mixelon99d ago

They didn’t say laptop of comparable prices are outperformed by iphones? Flagship phone VS mid-tier laptop is what it said. A performance focused $850 laptop is of course going to outperform the iPhone. Many people don’t opt for performance over form though. (Which is a real concern when lugging it around everywhere.)

On many occasions the phone would win, if we’re talking about ultrabooks and tablet PCs particularly. How well does the surface pro in that price bracket compare to the iPhone in game performance? Terribly.

derektweed197d ago

is a $850 laptop not mid-tier?

what do you consider mid-tier.

A high end laptop costs more than $1000 no problem.

Do you have a link to a performance comaprison between a surface pro and an iPhone?

Because you have just stated something like there is evidence to back it up without providing said evidence.

TheUndertaker85100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Why is this even worth the time to evaluate? Once again Apple is looking out for a larger amount of their consumers and offering more than Google.

Both are $10
Apple allows you to download any games off of the app store
Google is limiting you to one or two games a month
Apple will support devices and does as far back as iPhone 6
Google kills support for devices shortly after the next version
Apple will allow you to download the games with zero need for a constant connection
Google will require you to be online at all times to use any Stadia content
Apple won't have a minimum bandwidth requirement
Google will require a 25Mb+ connection at all times
Apple won't be exposed to as many hacks due to their OS
Google doesn't give a shit that half of the apps on their store are counterfeit, altered, or allow malicious code

Apple not only understands gamers better but consumers as well. Apple does more for everyone outside of their own interests. Apple is looking out for people, not profits. In turn Apple has no issue gaining profit because of goodwill with their customers.