The Dark Pictures drops PlayStation Camera Support on PS4

One and by far the coolest features in 'Until Dawn' has been dropped in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, as Supermassive Games confirms.

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Phoenix76717d ago

I wasn't aware that the camera could be used in Until Dawn. Will have to give that a try.

slayernz717d ago

Yeah was a brilliant feature. Got a few great vids of me jumping out of the seat

717d ago
Axecution717d ago

I wasnt aware that this game even existed til now lmao

Stoked! Just preordered

Abnor_Mal717d ago

How would having the PS camera take a quick picture or video of the player prior to a jump scare make the game play experience different than any other platform.

The camera feature is a side thing outside of the game. After. Playing the game you can look at pictures/video of yourself about to be scared. The scare would still be their in any other version of the game.

What about people on XBox One who have a kinect camera. Or are we still acting like original X1 consoles don't exist.

Is this game coming to PC, because I did not see it listed, but if by chance it is, what about people that have web cams for their set up?

Still, such a feature should not be cut for PS4 players, as it takes nothing away from the core game play. Only to get in front of any one that might call such a side feature unfair, but it was MS fault the camera was removed from the system with a "flip of a switch".

Concertoine717d ago

I mean couldnt they just enable Kinect support on the xbone?

Either way this isnt a huge loss. I never knew of the feature in Until Dawn and even though i enjoy the atmosphere and game i never really jumped and found it that scary.